How to understand people personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to understand people personality

How can you understand people's personality?
In my previous articles i said that the childhood experiences people pass through is the key to understanding their personality as adults.

Every human being who goes through a certain childhood experience tries to extend this experience even when he becomes an adult. For example a spoiled child will grow up to be an adult who is overly dependent on people and who wants everything he asks for right away.

That's why you might not be able to understand people's personality before you manage to get some information about their childhood.

keys to understanding people personality

One very important fact you must be aware of is that two people can pass through the same childhood experiences yet grow up having different personalities.

If two children lacked attention during their childhood then one of them might grow up into a very successful showy adult while the second might grow up into a withdrawn adult who feels worthless.

The key to understanding people personalities is to understand that two different behaviors can be done to achieve the same psychological goal.

A showy child who becomes a successful adult is trying to get attention while a child who steals money from his parents might be doing it for attention too!!

Two People can take different paths to achieve their psychological goals but when you understand their childhood experiences well you might discover that both of them are after the same exact goal even if their personalities appeared completely different.

Psychological goals and understanding people's personality

Another tip that will help you understand people's personality well is to know that there are two ways to achieve psychological balance, one that is useful to the society and another one that is completely against it.

A child who felt inferior during his childhood because of being dethroned by a younger sibling might grow up into a very ambitious adult just to prove that he is worthy. Another child who passed through the same experiences might grow up into a criminal who attacks weaker people in order to maintain his feelings of superiority.

When you understand the personality of both people you will discover that while each of them does completely different things still both of them are after the same exact goal.

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