How to understand people behavior

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to understand people behavior

How can we understand people's behavior?
Don't we sometimes meet people who behave in a weird way?
How can we interpret the behavior of those people?

When first meeting a sarcastic person who constantly criticizes everyone around him we will quickly assume that he is a mean person but if we knew that this person feels inferior and that the only way he found to feel superior is to criticize everyone else the picture becomes clearer.

When attempting to understand people's behavior the biggest mistake you can make is to try to judge the person based on specific situations instead of connecting his behavior to their underlying reasons.

In this article i will tell you how to understand people behavior.

Understanding people behavior

When first meeting a perfectionist who cries when he scores 99.5/100 in an exam you might think that he is a weirdo or a mad person but when getting to know that he was taught that being imperfect makes him inadequate it becomes clear that he wasn't crying for the half mark he lost but he was crying for feeling inadequate.

In order to understand people's behavior you must know that every behavior serves a very important role in maintaining the psychological balance of the person even if the behavior appeared so odd.

A child who was neglected by his parents might start developing an odd behavior such as stealing. Everyone becomes shocked when he discovers that the child steals but when understanding that the sole purpose for this behavior is to capture the lost attention things become clear.

An important part in understanding people's behavior is knowing that if the person was prevented from doing that behavior that helped him maintain his psychological balance then he will develop a completely different behavior that has the same goal.

For example if that child was prevented from stealing or if he was taught that stealing is really bad then he might develop a certain kind of physical illness with the goal of capturing the lost attention back. Many of the children who stutter never realize that their stuttering can be no more than a cry for help in order to capture attention.

From these examples we can conclude that understanding people's behavior is all about looking for the drives behind their behavior.

How to correctly understand people's behavior?

So is there a certain formula we can follow to understand people's behavior?
Of course there is and here is it:

1) Don't try to judge someone's behavior without understanding his underlying reasons
2) The way a person behaves throughout different situations will provide a clue about his main intention. For example a showy person might love dangerous sports, might drive a Ferrari and might want to be famous just because all of these actions helps him capture the attention he wants.
3) You can't understand people's behavior before you know about their psychological drives. These drives are formed in their early childhood and are usually kept secret but the good news is that by connecting the dots you can understand these drives.
4) Read the links below (at the bottom of the page) because they contain essential information that can help you understand people's behavior better.

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