Inferiority complex psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority complex psychology

According to Alfred alder, one of the most famous psychologists who ever existed, people learn during their childhood that being masculine means that they are above, superior or more worthy and that being feminine means that they are weak, less important or inferior.

All cultures, religions and societies tend to value and reward manly behavior to the extent that those who deviate from it develop feelings of inferiority.

Adler said that when people deviate from the manly behavior they start to compensate by over doing manly behavior (acting superior) or by refraining from doing feminine tasks.

Men, women and inferiority complex

Depending on the degree of inferiority feelings women react differently to them. In extreme cases women avoid any task that would remind them of their female identity, this might result in letting the woman become aggressive, competitive, a tomboy or even single not to get into a relationship and become dominated by a man. (see Girls who act like guys)

Men on the other hand feel inferior when they don't find themselves manly enough. Being physically weaker than pears, not looking muscular enough or being bullied by pears are all things that would make a man believe that he is not manly enough and this results in inferiority feelings too.

Men who feel inferior might try to compensate for these feelings by becoming very aggressive, dominating, showy or very critical of others. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that those who feel inferior devalue others all the time by critical comments or sarcasm order to feel superior to them.

So in short, a woman who feels inferior will try to move away from being a weak woman and in severe cases she might try to move away from being a woman. Men on the other hand
try to move towards being more manly.

Inferiority complex origins

Not all people would develop feelings of inferiority even though the strong male and the weak female stereotypes are persistent throughout time in all cultures.

Only those who were made to believe that they are somehow defective will develop inferiority complex.

For example, a handicapped child might never develop inferiority complex if no one made him feel that being handicapped makes him less worthy than others ,on the other hand, a normal child who gets less care than his younger brother might believe that he is not as worthy as him and so develops inferiority complex.

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