Inferiority complex symptoms

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority complex symptoms

When a person feels that he is less worthy than others, that he is not adequate and that he is worthless then it is said that he is suffering from inferiority complex.

Because inferiority hurts the Ego so much a person who feels inferior always comes up with powerful defense mechanisms that helps him hide his feelings of inferiority from others and even from himself!!!

Most of these defense mechanisms are launched by the subconscious mind and so the person never becomes aware of that fact that he is using these mechanisms to hide something.

In this article i will tell you about inferiority complex symptoms so that you can realize whether you or a friend of yours are in need of help or not. Don't read one point then believe that you have inferiority complex but instead make sure that all the points match your current behavior before you can make a conclusion.

Inferiority complex and behavior

  • Over compensation: One of the most famous defense mechanisms people use to hide their inferiority feelings is to act superior. Not only will those people act as if they are superior to others but they will also devalue anybody who doesn't treat them as if they were superior. By doing so they can protect their ego by considering anybody who doesn't think that they are superior worthless!!
  • Success and inferiority: Because those people believe that there is something wrong with them they build walls around them that prevents people from seeing their imaginary flaws. Such barriers can be outstanding performance, impressive success stories, fame, power...etc. The more the person builds these barriers the less likely someone will question his competence. Its as if that person is trying to win the race and be the first so that he doesn't give the chance to people to examine his flaws, after all if he is extremely successful and brilliant who will ever think that he is inferior? (see Ambitious people)
  • Excessive anxiety: when the person who feels inferior doesn't manage to build the barriers i talked about he uses another mechanism which is excessive anxiety. Without being aware, the subconscious mind of the person makes him become anxious whenever he encounters people who might remind him of this inferiority. By doing so the subconscious mind makes sure that the person will avoid those who make him feel inferior!! So fear of public speaking, fear of approaching the opposite sex and stage fright can sometimes be symptoms of inferiority
  • Oversensitivity to criticism: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people with inferiority complex have a real hard time dealing with criticism. We all hate criticism but for a person who feels inferior criticism is considered a successful attempt in discovering his real flaws and that's why he can never handle them. The person who feels inferior spends a considerable amount of time building walls to hide his imaginary flaws and that's why he feels really bad whenever someone criticizes him
  • Excessive showing off: Because the person feels inferior he wants to make others believe that he is worthy and that's why he shows off. The reason for excessive showing off is that the person assumes that everybody is looking down on him and thus he has to do a counter action to improve his perceived image
  • Devaluing others: whenever i give a lecture anywhere i always find a person who knows nothing but insists on trying to prove me wrong. Usually an inferior person will be threatened whenever he considers anybody superior to him and in such a case the best defense mechanism he thinks about is trying to devalue that superior person at any cost

Do you feel inferior?

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