Inferiority complex and self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Inferiority complex and self esteem

Self confidence means knowing that you are worthy while inferiority feelings are based on the belief that you are inadequate or worthless.

If sadness is the opposite of happiness then inferiority complex is the opposite of self confidence. Lots of people waste years of their lives trying to build self confidence with no results because they never try to first get rid of the underlying inferiority they have.

Trying to build self confidence without getting rid of inferiority complex is like trying to earn masters degree without finishing high school. (see Do affirmations work).

Inferiority complex and self image

In my previous article inferiority complex causes I talked about some of the reasons that might result in inferiority complex.

One of the most dangerous situations that might happen is when the inferiority complex results from the preson's poor self image.

Your self image is the mental picture you have for your self in your mind, In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how some people feel inferior to others because of having an imaginary inferior self image. Usually those people believe that they are ugly, that their faces are not proportional or that they have a certain defect somewhere in their face or body.

Of course those people look normal but as a result of the criticism they got and the rejections that happened to them in their pasts they started to believe that they have a certain defect. For example a guy who was always called “Geek” in high school might have a self image that looks like the real geeks he sees on television or movies while in reality he looks pretty normal.

Inferiority complex treatment

If your inferiority complex is based on your poor self image then fixing your self image is a crucial step in dealing with your inferiority complex. If you believe that you look inferior then no matter what you are going to do you will still feel inferior until you fix your self image.

Unless you know that you look normal and that your looks don’t make you inferior to your peers you might not be able to get over inferiority complex.

Fixing your self image is not an easy task but its not impossible. If you want to get rid of your self image problems then you can start here.

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