Self image issues

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

self image issues

As usual you have searched for answers in various sites and only ended up with vague treatment methods that didn’t help you, but don’t worry your search is over, its 2knowmyself, where answers are found.

To summarize all the self image problems in one line i can say that a person who suffers from a self image issue when he thinks that he looks worse than he really is.

A person with a self image disorder might believe that he has a certain defect in his face or body and then act according to that belief by feeling anxious around people all the time and by avoiding social situations in other times.

Self image problems treatment

The key point in treating a self image problem is getting rid of the false beliefs you have about your looks and replacing them with beliefs that matches reality.

The truth is that most people are more attractive than they think. People usually never notice the small imperfections you are obsessed with and most of your perceived defects doesn’t exist except in your imagination!! (see How to become more attractive).

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how attractiveness is perspective dependent. A person might find you looking normal while another one might find you very attractive.

The question is, how can you get rid of a hard coded belief that states that you are ugly or deformed??? Lets first examine the possible sources of this belief.

  • You may have received excessive criticism when you were a little kid and as a result you thought that you don't look good. For example the word “Dumb” might have been interpreted by your mind as “looking dumb”
  • I am sure you are not photogenic and that you look horrible in pictures. Which is another source that feeds your false beliefs about your looks
  • No one likes you, no one complemented your looks before and you were rejected a few times

Getting rid of these beliefs

As for the photogenic looks you must first understand that people who look beautiful in pictures might not be beautiful at all in real life while people who look ugly in pictures might not be ugly at all.

When someone sees you in real life he sees your 3D features because he uses both eyes to look at you but when a camera takes a picture of you it gives a 2D image that omits lots of your real features!!

That’s why you might appear ugly in pictures even though you are attractive, some people are lucky enough to appear attractive in the 2D and 3D forms while others only look Good in the 3D form.

Next I want you to learn about the body language attraction signs and to keep your eye on them. While doing so you will start to discover that lots of the members of the other sex are actually sending you attraction signals that you were never aware of!! The rejection you got might have had other reasons behind it but why would anyone send you such signals if he was not attracted to you??

After you collect enough data document them in a sheet and read it everyday to remind yourself that you are a really attractive person. Sooner or later the false belief about your looks will collapse and you will be free of self image issues.

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