What to do if you believe that you are not handsome

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

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Humans all over the world have learned to do one of the worst habits ever when dealing with life problems which is claiming that they don’t exist. In my article “When he deceives you” I explained how someone can act to be workaholic in order to hide the fact that he doesn’t have friends or a social life.

Usually we start by consciously burying our problems behind our backs by ignoring the signals our subconscious minds sends to us until it gives up and decides to hide the problems from us. (see Its calling you).

When it comes to poor self image lots of people do the same by denying the fact that looks are very important and that in such a superficial world you can get a completely different treatment based on how you look like.

Are looks important?

The result of ignoring a self image problem is a very low self confidence especially with those who have perfect looks (see Fear of pretty women). The person who is not satisfied with his looks will be overly critical, angry and sometimes aggressive.

Since deep inside him he knows that people doesn’t like his looks his irritation and frustration in social situations might turn into aggression and anger.

If you want to deal with your self image problems, increase your self confidence and live a happier life then you must understand that looks are very important and that even though its not wise to judge a book by its cover still everyone does it.

Even if you decided to be rational enough and to stop judging people based upon their
looks still you wont be able to stop the day to day programming that the media is doing to the minds of those who watch television.

What to do if you believe that you are not handsome

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that one of the things that most people don’t know is that attractiveness is a combination of several factors and that its not only based on facial features.

The way you talk, the way you walk, how you dress like, your body shape, your self esteem and your facial expressions all play different rules in determining your level of attractiveness.

In my article how to become more attractive I explained how you can raise your attractiveness level without doing anything extra to your looks.

So in short being attractive doesn’t mean that you must look like brad pit or Megan fox but it simply means that you should understand the factors that contribute to your overall attractiveness then work on improving them.

Instead of blaming your genes do something by changing the factors that you can change. If you have a big nose then you shouldn’t feel sad because the role it will be playing in your overall attractiveness level won't be that big but if you have a large belly then you should blame no one but yourself!!

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