Why Are Some People Overly Critical and Sarcastic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Have you been Criticized?

Did a close person criticize you?
Do you feel bad?
Were you hurt?

If I were you i would have not felt bad for myself simply because the person who criticized you is the one who is in need of help. read this article and you will discover that people who are overly critical and sarcastic are the ones who should feel bad not the ones they criticize.

Why Are Some People So Critical and sarcastic?

A normal Human being should have a balanced behavior. It not uncommon for someone to criticize someone else or to be sarcastic every once in a while but when the critical comments start to flood everyone surrounding the person and when his sarcastic behavior starts to hurt the close ones around him then he is in need of help.

Here is why overly critical and sarcastic people need help:

  • Criticism And Anger:Have you ever noticed the negative thoughts that pass in your mind while you are angry? If you did then most probably you already noticed that you were so critical to everyone at that time. When we become angry we tend to become overly critical and sarcastic. Some people are haunted by anger as a result of the past experiences they have been through. People with unmet goals, some people who were emotionally abused and people who are angry at life because of the bad things that happened to them may end up living with anger. They live a miserable life and curse everyone they find in their way as if others carry part of the blame for what happened to them.
  • Being overly critical and Your Inner Child: Some people are overly critical because this is just how they were treated as children. If a child was always criticized then he might develop a negative unconscious pattern of thinking that lets him criticize everyone around him. The negative messages that this child constantly received turned into a way of thinking that lead him to become an overly critical and sarcastic adult. (see Parenting mistakes that affects the child's personality
  • Criticism and Lack of self confidence: The difference between a confident person and a person who feels inferior is their way of thinking. while the first tends to praise himself the second keeps putting himself down. The mind of the person who lacks self confidence is usually full of negative messages and that’s why the excess negative ones reach the other people around him in the form of criticism. The conclusion is, The overly critical person usually lacks self confidence

Are you Still Feeling Bad?

From the few previous paragraphs its clear that the person who always criticizes others is emotionally wounded, lacking self confidence and angry at the whole world.

If I were you, I would focus my attention on helping that person who criticized me instead of feeling bad because that I was criticized.

How To Help Him?

The hardest part wouldn’t be trying to figure out what to do but its convincing him that he needs help.

That person needs to take a quick look at his past in order to find why is he carrying all that stored anger inside his heart.

Once you help him find the root cause for his anger you should then help him direct his efforts towards solving his problems instead of directing his anger to the innocent people surrounding him.

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