Dealing with critical people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dealing with critical people

Most of us feel bad when someone criticizes us in a nonconstructive way especially
if the person didn't choose his words wisely.

Lots of people feel bad about themselves right after being criticized and some of them find it hard to forget the critical comments they heard.

In this article i will tell you about a very effective method that can help you deal with critical people and that will prevent you from feeling sad after being criticized.

Why are some people so critical?

A person's behavior is a sole reflection of the emotions that he experiencing
If a person became mad and started shouting then this doesn't only mean that he is feeling angry but it might also mean that he is feeling insecure.

Our emotions affect us in a strong way and most post act under the effect of emotions without allowing their minds to control their quick impulses.

Now what if a person had lots of conflicting emotions?
What if a personal was experiencing jealousy, fear, anger, insecurity and lack of self worth together?

What kind of behavior would be expected from him?
Hurting people on intention, being overly critical, making fun of someone and treating people in a bad way are all reflections of an emotional turmoil that the person is suffering from!!

The person who criticizes others in a nonconstructive way is usually a person who is suffering from big emotional problems that burst out through his critical comments.

Who do people criticize others in a bad way?

  • If a person was feeling jealous then most probably he will keep criticizing others to put them down.
  • A person who feels worthless will also criticize others badly in order to feel good about himself.
  • A person who was criticized as a child will usually do the same to others as a grown up. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how most sarcastic people suffer from lack of self confidence and how they keep repeating what have heard when they were kids
  • A person who is angry at life and who didn't manage to achieve his dreams will criticize everyone and everything all the time

Now what about a person who is experiencing all of these bad emotions together? The harsher the critical comment the stronger the indication that the person is emotionally unstable.
Next time someone criticizes you badly don't feel bad, just feel sorry for him.

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