How to deal with Criticism

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with Criticism

Are you the kind of person who feels really bad when criticized?
Do certain comments keep lingering in your mind days or even week after you hear them?
Do you spend sleepless nights thinking about the critical comments you got?

If you are like the most who suffer from critical people and critical comments then you must know one of the facts that most people are unaware of which is that criticism can never affect you before you acknowledge it!!

Why criticism hurts

If water touched your newly formed wound you might experience some pain but if water touched the same spot anytime before the wound was formed you would have never felt anything.

You felt the pain because you were already wounded and the same goes for critical comments that touch an existing wound!! We feel bad when being criticized because the words we hear touches certain wounds that we already have.

If someone told you that your clothes doesn’t suit you then you might feel very bad if you already had a self image problem but if you knew you were very attractive then such a comment won’t have any effect on you.

That’s also the same reason why you respond differently to different critical comments. While some comments might make you feel really bad others won’t have any effect on you.

So we can say that critical comments only hurt when you acknowledge what you have been told!! So after all you are the one who is responsible for making the criticism hurt !!

How to prevent criticism from affecting you

Dealing with criticism doesn’t only involve knowing how to reply to the people who hurt you but it’s extremely essential that you know how to fix your own wounds in order to prevent criticism from hurting you.

Here is how to become a criticism resistant person:

  • Identify your wounds: Do you think that you are a failure, a boring person, a geek or an ugly looking individual? Once you understand these wounds it will become clear why certain words hurt you. As soon as someone touches these wounds you already acknowledge you will feel bad, its as if he reminded you of them
  • Heal your wounds: Take actions, build self confidence, get rid of labels and heal your wounds. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when you become wound free criticism won’t affect you at all
  • Learn how to deal with critical and sarcastic people: Even if the words didn’t hurt you sometimes your ego might hurt if you weren’t able to reply to someone who is trying to put you down. Read my article How to deal with overly critical and sarcastic people to know how to deal with those people
  • Dealing with harsh criticism: Harsh Criticism can be an indication of feelings of resentment. In order to best know how to deal with harsh criticism read this article.

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