Dealing with criticism and rejection

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dealing with criticism and rejection

I get numerous thank you emails from people who like 2knowmyself and this is where I bring the testimonials I put in the testimonials page from.

However one day I got a weird mail from a person I don’t know who only wrote one word in his mail:


Since the mail had no constructive criticism, no clear point of view or useful information I concluded that this is a person who is angry at life and who is projecting his anger on me because of not being able to deal with the things that are bothering him.

How i dealt with that non constructive criticism

This was my reply to the message:

Instead of projecting your anger on people who never harmed you go and find the real problem that you can’t deal with and try to solve it because obviously its the reason behind your anger.

Real men face the problems they have instead of running away from them then blaming the rest of the world for their unhappiness.

This accumulated anger you have inside you is either the result of the disappointment you experienced in life or lack of your ability to deal with something that is making you angry.

If life is treating you badly then go solve your problems and you won’t find yourself bad tempered anymore.

After sending that critical comment the guy apologized

So what was his reply?
Actually the man apologized!!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said more than once that your resistance to criticism is heavily dependent on your self confidence. Building self confidence can help you reduce the effect of the critical comments you receive.

Criticism and rejection doesn't mean that you are bad

Some people will criticize you because they are jealous, others might put you down in order to feel more worthy while a third group will criticize you because they are carrying accumulated anger that they can't deal with.

In such cases you should reply back to those people in a polite way describing to them the reason behind their behavior. Usually they will become shocked when they discover that someone managed to read them that way.

You don't have to feel bad when someone criticizes you or rejects because if you thought about the critic comment you received for minutes you might discover that the one who criticized you is actually the one in need of help and not you.

I could have replied to the man telling him that this website gets hundreds of thousands of visits every month or i could have showed him a sample of the thank you mails i got but i knew that showing him the truth that he was trying to escape from will affect him the most.

The moral of this article is simple, people can reject you or criticize you because of reasons that are not related to you at all.

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