How to get past rejection

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get past rejection

It feels really bad when people reject you, put you down or make fun of your dreams.
Under the effect of rejection many people give up on their dreams and stop pursuing them

I am sure you remember more than one situation where you were enthusiastic about something then people convinced you that its not possible.

Rejection feels really bad but whats even worse than rejection is the loss of hope that follows it and the opportunities that you miss as a result.

In this article i will tell you how to get past rejection.

A Story about getting past rejection

October 2006, before this site was created
Me: Hey guys, i want to create a website and sell ads on it to make money
Friends: Article website? people don't like to read mate, that's not a good idea

during 2007, one year after the creation of this site
A Friend talking behind my back: Farouk is always wasting his efforts on nonsense. He puts a lot of effort in everything he does but he never reaches anything

End of 2007
Both my partners left me because we were not making enough money and because we were wasting our efforts

during 2008
Relatives: You are wasting a lot of time on your site and not focusing on your career, you are doing a great harm to yourself. your career is your only source of money, when will you think rationally?

August 7 2010
My Facebook Status Update: My Name is Farouk, and i am a DOT COM millionaire
Celebrating earning my first million, selling my Ebooks Online, congratulate meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

That's the story
and the moral behind it is simple, Most of those who reject you aren't even aware of the things you are talking about . Most people who reject others do it out of jealousy, fear, insecurity or lack of experience without truly understanding the vision you have in your mind.

What if i listened to any of them

What if i stopped trying because of these rejections?
what if i didn't continue?
What if i didn't hold on to my dreams?

Certainly, i wouldn't have been where i am now nor you would have been reading this article.

I wouldn't have been a 28 years old dot com millionaire and i wouldn't have had the last laugh. (See my book How i did it)

People reject most of the new ideas they hear about them because they prefer to live in their comfort zones. Most of them will talk about their own experiences then convince you that its your reality.

The guy who told me that people doesn't like to read is a friend who never reads anything. If i had enough experience at that time i should have replied saying "don't talk about yourself then claim that this is how the world works"

So how to get past any rejection?
believe in yourself
believe in your dreams
and ignore all of those who try to put you down
and who knows, one day you might end up with a status update on Facebook that shocks all of those who rejected your ideas earlier

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