I was rejected

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I was rejected

Most people feel bad when they get rejected because they think that the rejection means that they are not desirable, less competent, incapable or less worthy.

After experiencing a rejection most people automatically assume that they were rejected because of the certain flaw that they dislike about themselves. For example, the person who has a self image problem might think that he was rejected because of his looks even if he has no clues to prove it!!

In my article How to handle criticism i explained how criticism only affects someone when it touches an already existing emotional wound that he has. Rejection hurts the most when the person attributes this rejection to his own personal flaws.

Why do people reject each others

People might reject you because they don’t know you, they don’t know your capabilities and the limits of your potential. They might assume that you are just like them and so think that you can’t do what they failed to do!!

If a friend of yours failed to do a certain thing then most likely he will tell you that you can't do it too!!(see Impossible is nothing).

Some people might reject you if they felt that you are a threat to them. An employer might reject you if he felt that you are so ambitious because this might threaten his own career.

Some people might put you down out of jealousy while some others may try to criticize you so that you remain in your comfort zone instead of doing things that they never did before.

After all if your friends were stuck and were following each other like a herd then they wouldn’t want to see someone doing something different because they will feel extremely insecure and frustrated if he succeeded.

In short, in lots of cases people reject you because of their own personal flaws and not because of anything that is related to you.

How to deal with rejection?

When I was 19 years old I couldn’t join the computer science department and I had to join industrial engineering department. I told everybody that I will be a Network administrator in the IT filed but everyone rejected the idea starting from my intimate friends going through my relatives and ending up with complete strangers.

I felt so bad but I decided to prove them all wrong. Five years later I was working as a network administrator in a multinational company. A job that is much better than the jobs most of those who graduated from computer science had!!

Rejection is a fact of life and you can even consider it a part of everyday routine. If you want to deal with rejection in a way that makes you satisfied then you must ignore it and prove the people who rejected you wrong.

The same thing exactly happened with my site, 2knowmyself, when people told me this time that leaving my computer science career and moving towards something like making money online is a stupid step. Today, lots of my friends are now starting their own sites after they knew that I became a dot com millionaire because of that site.

Learn how to tolerate rejection, move on, don't put any weight to it and prove those who rejected you wrong.

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