When Everyone Rejects You

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When everyone rejects you

Do you find that everyone around you is rejecting you?
Are people losing interest in you?
Are you eager to be accepted and loved?

If the answer to any of these questions was yes then don’t worry, you just need to redefine the word everyone in your mind.


All you've got to do is ask yourself, is it really everyone or are they just a bunch of people whom you interact with quite often? In most cases you will find that you are being rejected by a small number of people, yet this number seems to be everyone because of the following reasons:

  • You meet them often: The people you spend most of your time with will be your community. If they love you then you will think that everyone loves you and if they hate you then you may think that everybody hates you. As you can see, rejection from a few number of people that you regularly meet may appear to be a rejection from everyone
  • They are important to you: When someone important to you rejects you, this could give the rejection a higher weight than if someone whom you don’t care about rejected you. An important person is not only a person that you care about but he could also be someone who's opinion is significant to you
  • Spending less time with people who care about you: Actually there may be lots of people who care about you yet you may have forgotten about them because you don't see them often or because you are not interested in them

How to Get over these Feelings?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if you want to feel that most of your community loves you then you should redistribute your time among people.

spend more time with people who care about you even if you are not that interested in them and spend less time with people who are not interested in you even if you care about them.

By doing so, you will start feeling loved again because you will find that most of your community cares about you. The mistake lots of people do is that they ignore those who are interested in them and chase those who don’t care about them.

What if everyone is actually rejecting you?

Do you know that many of the successful people you see nowadays were rejected earlier by their peers? Bill gates once said: treat geeks nicely for they might become your employers one day.

People can sometimes go against you or try to prove you wrong when you try to do something that they didn't dare to do. That's why most new business ideas get rejected by close friends before strange people.

When i started telling people that i will start a site that makes money everyone rejected me and made fun of me. Years later those people found me driving a 100,000 USD dollars car and this was the point where they realized that they did a big mistake (see my book How i did it)

Even if the whole world rejected you still you can prove them wrong by succeeding later on.

Did that help?

I still feel bad because of rejection

But why do they reject me? Am I that bad?

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