How to have hope for the future

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to have hope for the future

As humans we can't always be in control of everything in our lives
we will experience bad times
we will experience failure when what we need the most is success

How can we stand our ground during these tough periods and how can we manage to fight back?

Its all about having hope for the future and believing that things are going to be better one day, but after all, you can't just fool your subconscious mind by repeating affirmations or by making false promises but instead you need some kind of a powerful proof that helps you revive hope once again.

You need to dream!!

The connection between dreams and hope

People who live a tough life can improve their mood and become full of hope once they think about their big dreams because these dreams will reassure them that a better future is ahead.

But if things were that easy then why don't everybody dream of a better future and feel good? Its because most people don't dream but they day dream!!

the difference between a day dream and a dream is that the first is a method that the subconscious mind uses to distract people from the bitter reality while the second is a method that motivates a person to move towards a new reality.

Dreams revive hope because they are realistic and can be achieved through hard work, dedication and a lot of effort. Day dreams on the other hand are pain killers, they do nothing other than suppressing the pain for a while before it returns back again.

Once your subconscious mind sees a possible dream it automatically believes that there is hope and that a better future is very likely.

Forgetting about your dreams

The worst thing ever is not failing to reach your dreams but its adapting yourself to a new reality where your dreams are no longer there then forgetting that you ever had those dreams one day.

Some people get used to the bitter reality then forget about the big dreams they had earlier. This doesn't only make them feel bad all the time but it also kills hope resulting in a ruined person who is indifferent towards everything.

The first step to revive hope is to revive the dreams that you forgot about. That is a very simple task, you only need to sit where no one can distract you then remember the dreams you had long ago.

How to really have hope for the future

  • Remember your dreams: or create new ones if you don't have any
  • Read your dreams out loud everyday: So that you program your subconscious mind to believe in them even more
  • Don't be a day dreamer: Work hard, set plans, learn to be persistent, learn to become resilient and fight for your dreams so that you don't become a day dreamer

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