How to become motivated

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to become motivated

Why are some people motivated to pursue their goals and why are others not motivated?
Why do you sometimes become eager to do something while on other times you find yourself completely indifferent?

Is there some kind of a key or a trigger that can motivate each person?
yes that is true but still this fact doesn't explain why the same person can be motivated when getting exposed to a certain trigger on a certain day and never become motivated when getting exposed to the same trigger on a different day.

The button that motivates people

In my previous article about music psychology i explained how motivational music can motivate people. But why can the same motivational song motivate a person and not the other ? (provided that he likes the band)

Whenever we come in contact with something that triggers our motivation, like a motivational song, an automatic process starts in our mind that checks for the availability of obstacles and if enough obstacles were found the source of motivation won't affect us!!

This means that the motivational song that usually makes you motivated will never work if you believed that some obstacles might prevent you from reaching your goals.

Why you are not motivated

Throughout our lives we come across many different triggers that can motivate us such as listening to a motivational song, watching an inspiring movie, reading a great book or talking to a successful person but if you believed that impossible obstacles exist then all of these triggers will never help you become motivated.

In this case your motivation will be prevented by a short circuit which results from your false beliefs about the obstacles in your way.

Lets suppose that you wanted to become rich but you were facing big problems in your career. Most probably coming across any motivating trigger would remind you of your problems instead of making you motivated!!

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be nothing more than a state of loss of hope in getting what you want. That's why you can never become really motivated if you were depressed simply because depression acts as a short circuit to motivation.

How to become really motivated

Here is how you can become really motivated:

1) Find out the best triggers that motivate you
2) Watch your thoughts and self talk while getting exposed to the trigger
3) Spot the false beliefs and the obstacles
4) Deal with those obstacles (that will take time of course)
5) Get exposed to the triggers again after removing the obstacles and you will find out what motivation really is

You can't be both helpless and motivated in the same time
Loss of hope can't coexist with motivation
you can't become motivated unless you believe that you can

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