Why am i not motivated

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i not motivated

Why do we sometimes find ourselves eager to try something while on other times we find ourselves completely indifferent?

Why do we sometimes become motivated to exercise or to do any other activity while in other times we helplessly try to motivate ourselves without achieving any results.

In my previous articles boost your motivation levels and why do I lack motivation I explained the dynamics behind motivation and how you can use different techniques to motivate yourself.

The results of a recent research have made me realize that there is another strong force that can aid in the motivation process that most people aren’t aware of at all. In this article I will talk about this force and tell you how you can use it to motivate yourself.

The relationship between motivation and sight

A recent research showed that after staring at a 25 foot tyrannosaurs skeleton for one minute people were more likely to use universal terms such as earth or person to describe themselves.

Few days ago I watched the movie "The box" and after the movie I was surprised to find the discussion between me and my friend involving terms such as "earth", "higher powers", "God" and "universe".

Both of these situations prove that the thoughts that come to our minds are highly influenced by what we see.

So what does this has to do with motivation or the lack of it?

Right after the movie fast and furious statistics showed that more people were motivated to drive faster!! Right after I watched Jackie Chan’s movie forbidden kingdom I felt an intense desire to practice kong fu and I kept doing some kong fu moves as I was on my way to the car!!

That's also one of the main reasons i said In my book How to get over anyone in few days that listening to romantic songs or watching romantic movies right after breakups will motivate you to contact your old partner and will slow down your recovery.

What you see affects your mind and so your motivation levels

Our minds have access to different kinds of states, the state of motivation, the state of lack of motivation, the state of being helpless.....etc.

Before we can access any of these states we need some kind of a trigger. You can hardly become mad while sitting at home and watching TV but you need to meet someone who drives you nervous before you can access the anger state.

Think of the scenes you get exposed to as keys that allows you to access different kinds of states. If you saw the right scene you will access the right emotion and become motivated. Another research has proven that people who live beside the sea or who have the chance to look at open areas many times during their day are more far sighted than those who live in places surrounded by large buildings.

Based on all of these facts we can conclude that motivation can come if you knew how to access the right keys. If you watched the right scenes, saw the correct movies and stopped watching the wrong ones you will access different states of your brain and you will become more motivated.

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