Why do i lack motivation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The difference between lack of motivation and indifference

A person who lacks motivation might be a person who has no unmet needs but a person who is indifferent is someone who has unmet needs yet he is not motivated to satisfy them.

For example a guy who has a perfect self image might not be motivated to exercise because he knows he looks great but a guy who has a poor self image and who never exercises is considered indifferent.

But what makes a person indifferent even though he is really in need of taking actions? And why doesn’t his subconscious mind charge him with energy to take these actions?

Why do I lack motivation

Self motivated people are those who have unmet needs yet know how to reach them while those who are indifferent are those who have unmet needs yet are clueless about the actions they should take or are those who believe that the actions they will take won't be useful. (see Ambitious people).

Indifference is very similar to depression, it’s a state of loss of hope that happens when the person gives up or believes that he can do nothing about a certain situation.

Suppose that 2 girls wanted to lose weight and so they started exercising. If after the first 2 months the first lost weight while the other made no progress then the first will become motivated to exercise more while the other will become indifferent.

Indifference is usually a state that precedes depression, In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can result from ignoring your needs and problems by being indifferent towards them.

The more your problems accumulate and the more you ignore your needs the more likely you will become depressed.

How to become self motivated

If motivated people are those who know what they should do then you must always have a clue about the actions you need to take to solve your problems. This ability of knowing the right thing you should do will come by reading and learning new skills.

Why do think business men who lose all of their money manage to bring it back again?
and Why don’t they become indifferent?

Simply because, they know how to get their money back and so they never lose the motivation to start again.

In short if you want to always be motivated then you must have enough knowledge and skills that allow you to know what actions you should take in order to satisfy your unmet needs.

If you faced a problem without knowing the actions you should take to solve it then you will become indifferent and you might become depressed as well.

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