How to face life problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to face life problems?

Why do some people recover from set backs quickly and why do others cry over the spilled milk?

Why do some people seem to have no problems even though they are loaded with them and why do others blame life for its unfairness all the time??

Why do you sometimes collapse in the face of life problems instead of becoming strong enough to push them away??

The answers to all of these questions lies in the following fact, some people have developed the habit of rebounding back when they face a problem while others have developed the habit of becoming broken and helpless.

Its all about habits

When the term bad habit is mentioned gambling, drug abuse or smoking might come to your mind but do you know that the way you respond to life problems is also a habit??

After all a habit is an automatic behavior that occurs when a certain trigger activates it like when a smoker feels stressed and starts smoking or when a binge eater feels depressed and so starts to eat to feel better.

If you kept responding to life problems in a certain way then after facing few problems your way of responding to them will become a habit and this will determine how will other problems affect you for the rest of your life!!!

Lets suppose you were laid off then felt bad, started cursing the unfairness of life then lost hope in finding a new job.

This pattern of feeling sad, escaping from responsibility by blaming something else for your failures and becoming helpless by losing hope will develop into a habit and will become your automatic response whenever a new problem occurs!!!

How to be stronger than life

The other fact you might not be aware of is that even if you kept responding in a certain way to small problems the pattern of response will become your default response whenever you face a big problem!!

This means that losing hope if you forgot your wallet at home or feeling helpless without it will result in letting you lose hope and feel helpless when you face bigger problems!

There is only one way to become strong in the face of life problems which is to develop different positive methods for responding to them and to commit to these methods for few weeks until they become habits.

Let me tell you a secret you might not have been told before, persistence is a habit, resilience is a habit, the ability to recover from setbacks quickly is habit, being powerful is a habit and being helpless is a habit.

Next time you face a problem think well before you act, for the way you respond to it will determine how your personality will be like few weeks later.

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