How to recover from setbacks in few minutes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to recover from setbacks

When I used to face any problem or a setback my mind always used to help me with positive thoughts few minutes after the setback happens. Within few minutes all despair turns into hope, all bad feelings turn into motivation and all the pain turns into strength.

I lived like that for a long period of time, unbeatable, unshakable and stronger than life. Years passed and my life style changed then suddenly I realized that setbacks are affecting me the same way they affect others. I kept wondering what’s happening to me and where did all my strength go?

Until one day I discovered the thing that I used to do in the past that made me recover from any set back in few minutes. In this article I will tell you about the secret of recovery from any setback in a very short period of time.

The secret to immediate recovery

When I found myself losing my strength I started to analyze my life before I lost my ability to recover in minutes and my life after I lost this ability.

I didn’t find any difference except that in the past I had no schedules, no fixed work hours and no routines and this allowed me to act immediately and to respond to the new problem or threat in few minutes.

The immediate response to the setback sends the mind signals that say "i wont give up, i will not accept the bad feelings and i will act now in order to feel great". On the other hand not responding to the setbacks right away intensifies the bad emotions, feeds the negative thoughts and makes you feel helpless.

Its the helplessness you feel that makes you feel horrible and not the setback itself. Suppose that you were at your office and you still had six hours to spend there before you can go home then a very big problem happened to you, what will your feelings be like if :

  • You took the day off and you started responding to what happened immediately
  • You had to wait until the six hours are over yet you had light work load
  • You had a horrible work load and you couldn’t even think about the problem

As you might have already guessed the third case is a situation that leads to severe depression. The second one is a situation that results in bad feelings and the first one is the situation that provides hope, removes the feelings of helplessness and makes you in charge of your life.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can result from loss of hope towards dealing with a certain life problem. This means that if you ignored your problem or kept it behind your back sooner or later you will end up feeling depressed.

Don't think you can fool your subconscious mind by trying to forget about your problems, sooner or later it will discover the trick and will respond back with feelings of depression.

immediate recovery happens when you take immediate actions

Immediate recovery happens when you respond to the new event in a timely manner. What really makes people feel bad when they face setbacks is not the setback itself but it’s the helplessness they feel when they wait before starting to take actions.

Our busy life styles had taught us to keep our problems aside until the weekend or until we are free and that's why we don't recover from setbacks immediately. That's why keeping yourself busy after breakups never works but it only worsens the condition. Read this article to know more Keeping yourself busy after a breakup.

Soon after I realized this fact I decided to take a day off from work as soon as I face a setback in order to start working on the solution. Surprisingly I found my strength coming back again, my recovering abilities restored and my recovering speed becoming as fast as before.

In short, when you face a setback or problem forget about work, your meetings, your college or anything else and start taking immediate actions. Within few minutes you will find yourself feeling much better. Setbacks might hurt but keeping them behind our backs for days and days hurt more and usually results in depression.

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