Time heals all wounds

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Time heals all wounds

Whenever you search the internet for self help tips you will always find along the way someone asking you to wait until you feel good.

Some people will ask you to wait until the pain you have disappears because they believe that time heals all wounds. After all, if something bad happened then surely the bad feelings associated with it are going to be less intense the next day and they might even disappear within a matter of few weeks.

So after all, time seems like a perfect healer right? Actually, time never heals but on the other hand,it can work against you. The pain that you think have disappeared might have only been suppressed but deep inside you its still there.

Does time really heal?

Do you know that sarcastic people are usually those who failed to do something that they wanted to do in the past and that’s why they have chosen to displace their anger on the people they meet?

Those people are angry at life but since they couldn’t take from it what they wanted they decided to pour their anger and sarcasm on innocent victims who did nothing to them (see To know my enemy).

Do you know that a child who was abused at an early age might live with fear of people or anxiety for the rest of his life or until he gets proper treatment?

Do you know that the insecurity you are currently feeling might be the result of being bullied 20 years ago in school??

Why didn’t time heal these wounds? and why didn't they disappear as the years passed? Simply because your emotional wounds cannot be dealt with by ignoring them. When you ignore an emotional wound your mind just suppress the pain but this pain sooner or later will visit you in a different form.

Can time heal Depression?

Depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain but the chemical imbalance itself stems from the person's inability to deal with a certain life problem. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that depression can be nothing more than a message sent to your by your subconscious mind telling you that hope is lost. Restore hope, take actions or find a way to respond to your subconscious mind and your depression will disappear.

If you failed to respond to the message or if you didn't respond in a timely manner then the severity of your depression will increase. If time can heal some emotional wounds then know that depression is not one of them.

How to heal yourself

Wounds will only heal when you become conscious of them and not when you bury them. You need to be brave enough to confront yourself with the things that have wounded you in the past and then you need to be strong enough to start taking actions that can reverse the effect of these wounds.

If for example you were bullied in the past then you must admit that the wound is a result of thinking of yourself as a weak person. The solution in such a case is to learn how to preserve your rights in such a way that prevents you from thinking that you are a weak person. Time can only suppress emotions but it can never heal them. True healing can only be achieved by taking actions and not by waiting.

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