How to live consciously?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Conscious living

When I first started to read about personal development years ago I used to think that conscious living is all about being aware of what is happening around me and because of that belief I used to wonder, why do people have to write about conscious living while everyone is already living consciously?

While studying anger management I discovered that when we get angry a certain anger program is launched in our brain that is responsible for all the actions we take while being angry.

shouting, screaming and becoming mad are all elements in a predefined program that runs automatically when we become angry. When I started studying fear I found that there are also a set of defined instructions that our minds run when something triggers our fear program. Then later on I discovered that most of our emotions and behaviors are automatic responses to the external stimuli that triggers them.

This means that we don’t have control on our lives but we just respond to the external stimuli when they pull our triggers!!

Auto pilot

Some people are already living with the auto pilot mode since years. They wake up, do the same things, go to work do the same things then go home and do the same things.

They follow a career path because everyone around them is following it, they dress the same way as everyone because this how the fashion trends are and they do the same things that everyone else is doing without realizing that they don't have any control on their lives. (see Blindly following fashion)

This even happens with beliefs!! People absorb new beliefs from each other without questioning them and without examining whether they are true or not and that’s why most people say that life is unfair, that success is not easy and that there is something called the impossible. (see Impossible is nothing)

How to live consciously?

People live unconsciously either because they are not aware of conscious living or either because they are afraid to live consciously due to the changes that might happen to their lives if they did.

Living consciously requires first that you identify your automatic behaviors and responses that are triggered without your will. If you found that these behaviors are useful (for example automatically brushing your teeth the moment you wake up) then leave them intact but if you found that these behaviors are unhealthy then its time to break free from the auto pilot mode you have been living with for years.

Before you become angry , before you become afraid or before any bad emotion takes control over you remind yourself that others are pushing buttons that triggers these responses and that you are not being in control of your life when you respond to these push buttons.

By time and training you will start to become more conscious and the external stimuli wont control your emotions or behavior anymore.

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