Social Approval and blindly following fashion

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do I Look Good?

Tamer was getting ready to hang out with his friends. He took a shower, shaved his hair and put on his best clothes. On his way to the door he peaked at the mirror then shifted his sight to this big black sun glasses near by.

he hesitated much before taking it with him. There was something inside him telling him not to do it. There was something inside him telling him that this sunglasses will make him look really bad. But he didn’t listen to these voices and he went on his way to meet his friends.

When tamer arrived to his destination he felt a little anxious. He was sure that he was looking really weird but he acted as if everything was normal. Being unable to enjoy his time tamer kept thinking about his looks until two other friends of his arrived wearing these same ugly sunglasses.

Both of these friends felt irritated too but they acted as if it was normal until they started to receive complements about their new sunglasses. After all these glasses were the latest fashion and so every fashion follower recognized them and complemented the guys for buying them.

The next day tamer didn’t think much before wearing his ugly sunglasses but instead he felt proud for wearing something that everyone likes and the same happened to his friends.

They became so proud of wearing these ugly looking sunglasses and they forgot that they look much better without them.

Well, i am really sad to say that this was a true story, but with some minor modifications

When People fool themselves

There are some very important points that you should pay attention to:

One: The sun glasses looked really bad!!

Two: People knew that they look really bad when wearing the sunglasses

Three:After some time people got used to looking ugly and so started to think that the ugly looking sunglasses are the latest fashion !

Social Approval and blindly following fashion

What made those people wear something that made them look bad?

Because it’s the latest fashion?
But why did they ignore their own opinion?

Because they wanted to be approved by others even if the cost was hiding their true personalities. Social approval is important for everyone.

After all we all want to be approved and loved by others but some people tend to sacrifice everything in order to get this approval and usually those are the people who have very low self confidence. Those people deny their own wants or tastes just to appeal to others and they follow the latest fashion even if it makes them look bad.

Should I follow the Fashion?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that there is nothing bad in following fashion as long as it improves your looks and matches your personality but when it comes to just following the latest fashion even if it makes you ten times uglier then your self confidence will be lost.

These sunglasses are currently the latest fashion but they hardly look good on anyone. some people look better while wearing them while others look horrible!!

Actually what made me write such an article is that i met a large number of horrible looking guys and girls wearing the same sunglasses in the same day.

Be Yourself and Don’t Run after Social Approval

How come that you want to feel self confident while you have no identity? When you wear what people love to see then Your identity is determined by their tastes!!

If you want really to be self confident then you have to be yourself.

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