Everyone Is Doing It! : Overcome Peer Pressure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Everyone Is Doing It

How many times have you heard someone saying “because everybody is doing it” when you asked him a certain question?

It’s the most popular answer among teenagers and they use it as an excuse to do whatever they want. After all if everyone is doing something then there is no problem in doing it , right??

Are They Happy?

What’s really funny is that if you took a look at the people you're blinding following and tried to find out how they are living their daily lives you'd find that its not wise at all to follow them.

The Next time you take a walk in the streets and find many people around you ask yourself these questions:

  • Are people happy? Or are most of them disappointed and unsatisfied with their lives?
  • Do you find everyone singing and whistling while driving to work or do you find that most of them are cursing the traffic jam and each other?
  • Do you find that most people achieve their goals or do you find that most of them failed to get what they were after?
  • Do you find everybody healthy and in good form? Or you do find that most of the them are slim or overweight?

Now that you answered these questions, do you still think that you should do something because everybody is doing it?

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how one of the main reasons behind lack of self confidence is thinking of others as superior and omnipotent. When examining reality with a non biased eye you will find that most of the people you are following are not satisfied with their lives and that following them is a big mistake.

Follow the Successful

I'm not saying that everyone is unhappy or dissatisfied with their lives but what i am trying to say is that many of the people you're following aren't worthy of being followed.

If you want to follow someone's lead then follow successful people. Those people are rare and in fact you can hardly find many of them around you. Search for those people and follow them.

Following others blinding without even taking a moment to think about your actions is a powerful sign that shows lack of self confidence. You should only do something when you really feel like doing it and not because others are doing it.

Be a master of your own destiny, don't be a follower.

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