Ectomorph body type and gym

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you too slim?

Are you too slim?
Do you eat much yet nothing change?

If your answers are yes then don't worry and just read further.

Why am I slim?

Most probably your body type is Ectomorph. The Ectomorph body type is a genetically inherited body type which can be recognized from the relatively less muscles the person has compared to other body types and the slimness of the person.

How to gain weight if you are an Ectomorph ?

The best way to change your body shape in case you are an Ectomorph is to work out. Over eating won't help you much so don’t waste your time. Even if you ate large quantities of food your weight will only increase slightly because your metabolic rate is fast compared to other body types.

Gym and the Ectomorph

You may have already tried the gym but got no significant results and that's because the Ectomorph body type needs a special type of training in order for it to gain muscles. Follow those guidelines and you will be able to change your body shape:

  • It takes time: The First thing you should do if you are an Ectomorph is to be patient. Don’t compare your progress with another friend who has a different body type simply because if your friend had a Mesomorph body type then his muscles might grow four times faster than yours even if you both do the same effort.
  • Eating alone won't help: Although eating alone won't help much still Eating a lot while training will give you good results. If you started going to the gym then eat as much as you can. Your metabolic rate is already very fast because you are an Ectomorph and this means that you burn food very fast. If you worked out without eating enough you will be burning your muscles
  • Rest often: Don’t exercise too much, spend more than 1.5 hours in the gym or go to the gym more than 3 times a week. For other body types this might be useful but for an Ectomorph this will only result in loss of muscle mass
  • Resistance training: Use resistance training (lift heavy weights and make few repetitions). Using Heavy weights and making fewer repetitions will certainly help your muscles grow
  • Don't consume your energy: Don’t do two things that require a lot of energy on the same day. For example don't run, go the the gym then swim on the same day
  • Eliminate unnecessary activities: Your metabolism is already very fast so avoid burning more food by avoiding unnecessary activities. In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss i advised the readers to move around a lot and to park their cars a bit further in order to lose weight but in your case make sure you do the opposite

Supplements must be used wisely

Some people mistakenly believe that nutrition supplements are the soloution to their problems. While some of these supplements are really good still they wont be any effective if you didn't understand the way your body works.

If for example you were a hard gainer then even if you took supplements you will hardly gain anything if you were over training your body.

Supplements are OK and they do help but before you pick any of them make sure you understand the nature of your body.

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