ectomproph body type and gym (part two)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

when the gym yields no result

If you have an ectomorph body type and if you are not gaining muscles through working out even you though you eat well, sleep well and train often then its time to look at the fourth factor which is your emotional state.

Are you experiencing exceptional amounts of stress?
Is there a problem bothering you these days?
are you happy?

The fourth factor

Do you know that the most important factor in exercising is your emotional state?
Do you know that if you were depressed or sad then worked out the effect of this workout will be minimal compared to working out while feeling happy and motivated?

Do you know that you may even loose weight if you trained under these conditions?

Don’t wonder, the reason behind this is so simple, when you feel down or depressed you will feel that you lack energy. This lack of energy will let you feel tired throughout the workout and thus reducing its effectiveness.

Even if you managed to lift the weights that you wanted still you will find that you can’t reach the usual number of repetitions you are used to because of your mood.

when you become depressed you might eat less

When an ectomorph becomes depressed he usually losses appetite and eats less. The trick here is that he won't even notice that he is eating less because he won't be feeling hungry.

If you felt worried as a result of reading this then just read those tips and you will get a relief:

  • Take action: the most important thing you must do is to try to fix the problem that you are facing and to understand why are you feeling bad. The good news is that as soon as you start taking actions your subconscious mind will start to ease those bad feelings a bit even if the problem wasn't solved.
  • Exercise in the morning: Exercise at the morning and not at night. according to the human biological clock your energy levels will be much higher when there is still some sunlight around and because your main problem is lack of energy you must preserve your limited energy resources by training at the morning
  • Train less don’t let the time of the training session exceed one hour. We Ectomorphs burn nutrients quickly and that's why exercising less can add to our body mass provided that we do it well.

Did that help?

Yes but tell me more about the biological clock

yes, but tell me more about the ectomorph body type

yes but tell me about other body types

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