how to live a happy life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why your life isn't a happy one

The emotions we experience at any point during our lives are a combination of the emotions we are experiencing at the present moment, our future expectations and our past concerns.

Some people experience great days then go to sleep feeling good only to find themselves waking up feeling bad the next day. The problem here is usually with the worries or fears those people have about the future or about a certain upcoming event.

In another case a person may be feeling completely happy and suddenly he sees something that reminds him of a certain problem and so he ends up feeling bad. The problem here is with the person's past and not the future or the present moment.

In a third case a person may be feeling unhappy because of the things he is doing at the present moment like for example working at a job that he hates.

If life was that simple any person would have been able to recognize the things that bother him in life and then he would have managed to deal with them and live a happier life but the problem is that usually these things happen behind the scenes in such a way that most people never manage to figure out why they are unhappy!!

How to live a happy life

Most people are too busy to examine their emotions and to find out the real reasons behind them. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be working for 16 hours a day in order to be considered busy but you can be jobless and in the same time having a busy mind that is preventing you from tackling your problems.

In addition, Some people keep themselves busy intentionally by trying to not think about problems, by escaping from them or by even using drugs.

I experienced very severe depression and the happiest moments ever and to tell you the truth, the only way to live a happy life is to stop escaping and to decide to face those things that are making you unhappy.

Why don't people face their problems?

Unhappy people aren't just the ones who escape but there is a large group of people don't give high priority to their personal problems.

How many people hate their jobs and just don't do anything about that?
How many times have you ignored your emotions because you had lots of work to do?
How many times you claimed that you don't have time to follow your passion or to do the things that you really loved?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that happiness is just a choice and that living a happy life is something that would never happen before you start allocating enough time that allows you to deal with your concerns about the past and your future worries.

Take action be happy

As long as you keep living your normal daily life without trying to respond to the signals your mind is sending you in the form of bad emotions you will never be happy.

In order to be happy you need to first free yourself completely for few days. During these days you must examine your emotions and find out what are the things that are bothering you in life and what are the things that could make you the happiest person ever if you managed to do them.

Answering these questions is the easy task, the hard one is freeing yourself and finding enough time to dig after them.

Once you find out these things set long term goals that would help you change them.
Don't fall in the trap of believing that there are other things that are more important and that should consume your time other than them, because after all, if you didn't make happiness a priority you will never live a happy life.

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