Feeling bad when waking up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Waking up feeling bad

How many times have you found yourself feeling bad as soon as you woke up?
How many times have went to your bed feeling good then woke up feeling depressed?

This article wont tell you to change the tone of your alarm clock nor it will tell you to think positively while in bed but it will point out to you all the possible psychological reasons that can make you wake up feeling bad so that you can avoid them.

Feeling bad when waking up

As soon as you wake up your mind makes two very quick checks, the first one is a check for any accumulated or carried over problems from the previous days and the other check is for any fears or future concerns that you have, If anything bad was found in any of the two checks then you will wake up feeling bad.

Lets assume that you had a breakup and then went to sleep, in the next day when you wake up the breakup will be detected in the carried over problems check and you will feel bad.

You might be telling yourself you “ hey, sometimes I do have no problems and I still wake up feeling bad” and you are right, because sometimes you may have an old problem that is buried deep by your subconscious mind because revealing it to you may cause you lots of pain. ( See when he deceives you)

These goals you failed to achieve 6 months ago, this bad habit you couldn't quit for years or these intense feelings of guilt are all examples of problems that could be buried deeply in your subconscious mind and that can make you feel bad when waking up.

Don’t underestimate the effect of accumulated emotions, in my book How to get over anyone in few days I described how accumulated guilt can affect your own behavior for the rest of your life to the extent that it can make you unable to get over someone that you loved for years. Not only this, but accumulated guilt can also result in making you fall in love with someone who looks like the person you hurt before even if he wasn’t a good match for you!!

The other check that is done in the one concerning the future, Do you have a hard task to do that day? Are you worried about the outcome of the meeting you have with your manager that day? Are you afraid of the future? All of these fears are examples of factors that could make you feel bad as soon as you wake up (see Tips for waking up early ).

Other reasons for feeling bad on waking up

If you noticed the state of your muscles when feeling distressed you will find that some muscles are contracting in an abnormal way.

If you ate lots of food right before going to bed then you might get a little stomach ache that fools your mind into thinking that you are feeling bad. The result is feeling bad just because of the physiological changes that happened in your body.

Starting to run as soon as you wake up is one of the things that could make you feel horrible on walking up, people who jump out of their beds saying phrases like “Omg I am late I am late” or “I will never be able to catch the bus” will also wake up feeling bad. Make sure you stay in your bed for 10 minutes before you jump out of it.(see how to become an early riser)

Finally, having a bad dream then forgetting about it in the morning could be one of the strong reasons for feeling bad on waking up, dreams affect our moods just like real experience does and so a bad dream in the middle of the night could be the main reason for feeling bad when waking up if no other reasons were there.

My advice is to learn how to fight your fears and worries and in the same time stop the negative habit of leaving accumulated problems behind your back, if you did those two things, you will rarely wake up feeling bad.

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