How to Become an Early Riser

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tired of Waking Up Late?

Are you sick of this guilt you feel every time you wake up late?
Have you tried every possible way to wake up early but failed to do it?
Do you want to become an early riser?

Suppose that you wanted to download a movie using your 512 kbps DSL connection and that there was a major problem with your internet service provider’s network which resulted in reducing your connection speed to half.

In this situation, your download will take forever to complete. The problem is not with the number of hours you spent downloading but its with the slow connection speed that was used during these hours.

So what does this all has to do with getting up early? It's basically the same thing. The problem is not with the number of hours you sleep but it's with the quality of these hours.

Rising Early and Sleeping Well

Didn’t you notice that on some days you sleep 6 or 7 hours and wake up feeling energetic while on other days you sleep more than 8 hours yet wake up feeling tired?

You may sleep 10 hours but if you don't know how to sleep well those 10 hours may only be equivalent to four hours of quality sleep. On the other hand you may sleep only 6 hours and wake up feeling that you've had enough sleep because those 6 hours were equivalent to their real value.

How to Sleep Well

Can you sleep well while riding a horse? Of course not! But I'm not talking about physical riding instead I am talking about riding mental horses.

How many times have you dreamed of work while sleeping? How many days have you kept thinking of work related problems and of your own personal problems before falling asleep?

Some people sleep with their bodies but never give their minds the chance to sleep deeply. Those people go to bed and take with them all of their problems, their worries and their fears and then wonder why they can't wake up without feeling dizzy and exhausted.

If you really want to sleep less then you should know how to leave all of your worries, fears and problems outside of your bed. Here's how you can do this:

1-Don’t think of any problem or any work related issue while in bed.
2-Do something relaxing just before going to bed, I recommend reading a comic magazine.
3-Think of something pleasant before sleeping.

Its not about the number of hours you sleep it’s about how you sleep during them.

How to Wake Up Early?

Now you know how to sleep well but you still don’t know how to wake up early. To wake up early you need to train yourself to respond to your alarm signal.

Bring your alarm clock now and set it to ring after a few minutes, then lie down. When it rings jump off as if you are really waking up. Keep repeating this and your subconscious mind will store that behavior.

The next time you hear your alarm ringing you will jump off your bed immediately because you have already trained yourself on responding to the signal.

Only sleep when you feel like sleeping, because your body knows its own needs best. However, don’t wake up when you feel like waking up, otherwise you won't wake up at all..:)

Don’t try to force yourself to sleep early because the result will be staying awake in bed longer till you can finally sleep. It would've been better to spend this time working or reading something useful.

Look at the Whole System

A car may not run well because there might be a problem with one of its tires. You can’t always blame lack of fuel or the engine as soon as you find a problem with your car but instead you should look at the whole system and the same goes for yourself.

You may not be waking up early because you are depressed!! And you may be depressed because you have an unmet goal or because you have a personal problem!! In this case, trying to sleep more would be a waste of time. There is a different part of the system that you should deal with in order to sleep well.

In the article "To know my enemy" I spoke about determining your real enemies and fighting them instead of wasting your energy on innocent objects. If you really want to wake up early then find out who’s the real enemy that is preventing you from sleeping.

Is it your fear of darkness? Is it a work related problem that you constantly keep thinking about??

Find the root cause and then deal with it instead of wasting your time on fixing innocent trivial issues that are not responsible for your problems.

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