The Law of cause and effect

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Nothing works for me!!

Are you doing your best to achieve your goals yet finding no results?

Are you tired of putting all of this efforts without realizing any real gains?

Don’t consider yourself unlucky or an exception. You are doing the right thing by doing all of this effort but you may just be putting it in the wrong place!!

The Law of Cause and Effect

Some people consider themselves unlucky because they find that their hard work is yielding no result while finding their lazy friends achieving everything that they desire.

Life is not random, it’s governed by rules and one of these rules is the law of cause and effect which states that for every effect there is always a cause. Whether this effect was desirable or not still there was a cause behind it. If you found that you are not getting the effect that you want then most probably there is a problem with your cause. check out this example to understand the concept cause and effect in a better way:

Sam is a Type A personality. He is always working, reading, and learning new things. Although Sam works three times the number of hours that his other friends work still he did not make any significant achievements compared to them.

Sam’s life turned into a systematic one, he wakes up at the morning, does the same things in the same order then he sleeps.

Sam is doing the same causes everyday and so he is getting the same effects!! If he were just to make a small change and break this routine he may have made much more achievements than his current ones. For example instead of working overtime to increase his income he could have spent this time reading about new ways to generate income. instead of trying to find a new job each day he could have started his own business.

Sam was trapped inside this routine cycle; whenever he finds no results he just puts more effort in doing the same causes!! Sam should have tried a new cause instead of doing more of the cause that yields no results.

In summary, if the same person kept doing the same things he will keep getting the same results.

How to Change The Causes?

This is not as hard as it sounds if your causes are yielding no results then don’t get stuck in the cycle of routine. just Innovate and do something that you didn’t do before.

Instead of reading books about the stock market everyday go to the trading floor one day and speak to the people over there.

Instead of using the same methods of communication read about new ways to enhance your communication skills and instead of trying the same exercises at the gym change your exercises.

Change change change! if something is not working don’t do more of it, just innovate and change your way else all of your efforts will yield no results. I always say if you want to open a door you have to use the knob because pushing against the wall will yield no result. Don’t spend your whole life pushing against the wall!! Take few minutes to think about locating the knobs around you.

And remember that if you kept doing the same things over and over you will keep getting the same results. So if you are satisfied with the results then don’t do anything but if you are not then be innovate. Change the causes and the effects will change or keep the causes the same and the effects will be the same.

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