My efforts were in vain

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

My efforts were in vain

Sometimes you might do a lot of effort then find no result
Sometimes you might do your best to reach something and in the end find that your efforts are in vain.
Sometimes you might feel that you wasted lots of effort, time and resources but still didn’t get any reward...

Do you know why did you feel so?
Because you know nothing about the bamboo trees!!

Here is why your efforts might not be in vain

If you ever asked someone who grows bamboo trees about the answer you will discover that at the beginning all efforts appear to be in vain before sudden rewards appear.

At the first four years, the seed is watered and taken care of but it only grows few centimeters above the ground. Imagine yourself watering a plant for four years without yielding any results?

But in the fifth year the bamboo tree suddenly grows to reach a height between 60 to 90 feet and all of a sudden it becomes taller than all other trees.

The tree was charging its potential for four years and then suddenly all the potential was unbleached and the tree outperformed all other trees.

you may be planting a bamboo tree too

You might be planting a bamboo tree without noticing. The effort that you did, each drop of your sweat, each moment that you have spent was never lost but in fact they were all steps you needed to take before you can shoot up in the sky just like the bamboo tree did.

If you don’t see yet the result of your efforts or if you feel that your efforts are in vain then don’t give up but know that you might be planting a bamboo tree as well.

Success, the media and you

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