Can i be successful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can i be successful

"You are teaching people how to be successful, but what guarantees that your success wasn't a coincidence and that we can succeed if we applied your advice?"
One of the readers

I get that question all the time from different people and in different forms and since it became repetitive i decided to answer it in a public article.

So your question is, Can i be successful like you?? yes you can

Why you can be successful

In my previous articles about success i kept saying that the key to reaching what you want is trial and error. You first try something that doesn't work, you learn your mistake, you try something else, fail once again, learn about another mistake and so on until you manage to find out what works.

Most people encounter successful figures after they already become successful and so they never manage to realize what have those people been through before they arrived to their current places.

People who send me these messages see me as a young Dot com millionaire who created a site that for some reason boomed (luck??) and so became successful.

If that's the same impression that you got then let me show you how things were going behind the scenes.

How many times i failed

2004 I failed to publish my first book about body language
2004 Another publishing house refused to publish my book
2005 Started investing money in the stock market
2006 Lost 3 years worth of savings in the stock market
2007 started a training company and left after a year as the result of the stock market losses
2008 started another training company and left it after few months
2006-2009 Started more than 7 websites, 6 of them were complete failures
2008 partners left 2knowmyself because it was only generating 4 dollars a day
2010 i became a dot com millionaire as a result of selling products and services on 2knowmyself (see my book How I did it).

So as you can see, my life story is a practical explanation of the theory of success i am presenting in my articles. In order to succeed you have to keep trying and failing until you reach what you want.

There is nothing called luck, by being persistent enough you will encounter opportunities sooner or later. If you kept trying and trying you will end up finding out what works and you will be lucky!!

We create our misfortunes by giving up too early then we call them luck!! (see Why do i have bad luck)
Life might not be fair on the short term but if you kept trying it will eventually be fair to you. (see Why life is unfair).

In short, you can be successful just like me and even more successful. It took me years to learn those principles and here you are learning about them in few minutes so your chance of success is ever better.

I didn't only study psychology for 10 years but i also completed my MBA and became a dot com millionaire, The information you just read can dramatically increase your chance of increasing your wealth and of becoming reach. The book How I did it was written by Me and it explains how I managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny and that made me yet another dot com millionaire :)

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