Why do i have bad luck

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i have bad luck

Why are some people unlucky?
Why do some people find great opportunities that enables them to rise and why do others never get the right chance?

Its as if opportunities show up to certain people and never show up to others, Is it because some people are lucky and some aren't?

This is the question i am going to answer in this article.

Henry Ford was very lucky

Henry ford was a very lucky man, he was among the richest in the USA at his time, his company came up with inventions that changed the world and he was very famous.

That's the part we all know about him but do you know that Henry ford has lost his fortune six times?

Henry ford faced unlucky periods during his life but because he was persistent enough he managed to rise every time. People don't usually notice these parts of the story but instead they focus on the final result they are seeing then claim that luck was the cause!!

What is luck all about?

Luck is all about encountering opportunities and taking advantage of them.
The reasons there are so many unlucky people around are:

1) Most people aren't persistent enough to keep moving until they encounter the right opportunity: Unlucky people aren't the ones who are bound by fate or the ones who never find opportunities but they are the ones who lose hope early before they encounter the right opportunity.

The key to success in this life is searching eagerly for opportunities, trying and failing until you encounter the right one. Thomas Edison kept trying to invent the lamp 10,000 times before he managed to invent it successfully.

Was the man lucky??
Yes he was lucky because he understood that luck is all about trying and trying until a person manages to encounter the right solution

2) Most people aren't prepared for the opportunity when it knocks the door: Unlucky people aren't the ones who don't get any opportunities but they are the ones who find themsleves unprepared for opportunities when they find them and so they miss them.

In order to be lucky you have to be skilled so that you can take advantage of the opportunity when it comes.

Lets suppose you accidentally met the CEO of a large company in the elevator
if you weren't equipped with good communication skills and if you didn't have any achievements to show him then this coincidence will add nothing to your life and you will be unlucky.

On the other hand if you had something interesting to show him you could get a good job and so become lucky.

Will that hurt ?

Will it hurt if i told you that you are lazy?
Or not persistent?
Or even incompetent?

Of course it will hurt and that's why most people will never tell you something like that directly. Not only people would hide their comments not to hurt you but your mind will do that too!!

Sometimes your mind prefers to hide reality from you when it finds that its so bitter. After all Its better to believe that you are unlucky than to believe that you are not persistent or even incompetent.

Yes, your mind sometimes fools you just not to hurt you!! (see Self deception)

We create our own luck then call them misfortune!!
I am not talking about people who suffer from serious diseases that have no treatment or people who found their countries under occupation but i am talking about the average person who is lying in his bed depressed, lost and who is blaming luck for his miserable life!!

You can create your own luck by becoming persistent and by being ready for the opportunity when it comes.

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