How to be successful in your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to be successful in your life

The formula has always been the same and the only difference between those who succeed and those who don't is the extent to which they apply it.

Lots of people want to be successful and most of them believe that success can be achieved through some kind of superstitions power (The secret?) while in fact becoming successful in life is all about sticking to five things that are listed in this post.

If you managed to do the following five points you will surely be successful in your life and the reason lots of people aren't successful is that they don't manage to stick to all of them.

The eternal formula for success

  • Success is all about the number of tries: some people succeed from the second attempt, some people do it from the third while others have to try tens of methods before they succeed. If you want to be successful in your life then you must understand that trial and error is the only way (see Challenge your failure)
  • Commitment even when there is a war going on: If you intend to commit to a task for less than your lifetime then forget about success. Success is all about committing to your tasks even if you were feeling bad, sad, not in the mood or even if there was a war going on (see How to stop procrastination)
  • Flexibility: After all you don't want to try to do something the same way 10 times and fail each time. You need to be flexible enough to change the method you use if you discovered that it doesn't work
  • Going against everyone: Do you know why most people aren't successful? its not because they tried and failed but because they never tried!! friends, relatives and your society might put you down or make you believe that success is not possible. If you believed anyone then you will never be successful in your life while if you went against them all you will reach what you want.(see How people affect your life)
  • Having thick skin: If you want to be successful in life then put in mind that you will be rejected, criticized and discouraged all the time. Success is all about understanding that these things are a normal part of the price you pay for success

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