How to stop procrastination

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop procrastination

Yesterday while I was on my way to the kitchen to bring something to eat I found a brown box with Amazon’s Logo on it. I concluded that one of my family members who are spending few days with me opened the door and received the shipment I recently ordered.

I felt so excited when I saw the box especially that I didn't actually remember which books I bought this time. I eagerly felt like wanting to open the box but then I just looked away and headed towards the kitchen where I brought some food and got back to work.

I didn't open the box because this time frame was dedicated to something else which Is working and answering emails.

why i didn't open the box

Had I opened the box I would have only wasted five minutes which is not the amount of time that can ruin my workday but since i know that procrastination results from many little activities that take few minutes i kept going.

Procrastinators never seem to understand that wasting 60 minutes separately on 60 separate tasks is equal to wasting one hour. A typical person who procrastinates would have opened that box , spent five minutes reading what’s written on the cover and might have spend another 5 minutes showing the book to his family members.

That's a total of 15 minutes, few moments later he might make a phone call that wastes another five minutes then he might stop in front of the TV by accident to waste another 10 minutes. That's a total of 30 minutes!! 2 out of these 30 minutes make one whole hour!!

The only way to stop procrastination is to understand the fact that big amount of time is wasted through separate five minute tasks. (see Dealing with procrastination )

If you decided to study for one hour then you must not use the internet, check your mail, open your Facebook, eat, drink, use your phone or even take a rest. This is the only way to stop procrastination.

Why do people procrastinate?

Lots of theories tried to explain procrastination and the most famous ones said that procrastination might be the result of being afraid of taking the responsibility, not wanting to tolerate the bad emotions you will experience when you do the task you don’t like, fear of failure or perceived difficulty of the task. (see Overcoming procrastination)

Of course preventing procrastination requires that you deal with the specific root cause that is behind your procrastination habit. Until you learn how to focus on a certain task without doing any small task in between you will still be unable to stop procrastination.

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