How to overcome procrastination

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Art of wasting time

If you want to learn something then you’d better learn it from the professionals. Some people are really professionals when it comes to procrastination. Those professionals are not time management professionals but they are people who are professionals in wasting time.

Some people seem to be gifted; they have a superb ability to waste time and to spend their whole day without doing anything useful. The best way to over overcome procrastination is to learn from those professionals then do exactly the opposite of what they are doing.

Lots of brilliant methods for wasting time

Those professionals have came up with very creative methods that can waste time without even making them feel guilty. The following are some of the methods used by those people:

  • Checking your mail every few minutes:
  • If checking your mail takes 3 minutes and if you do it 3 times/hour then you are wasting 10 minutes every one hour. Don’t underestimate those 10 minutes simply because losing 10 minutes each one hour means that you are losing one year each six years!! If you don’t have a strong reason to check your email then simply don’t do it

  • Social networking websites:I know people who visit social networking websites for 15 minutes every one hour. Those people lose everyday 1/4 of their time just to check their inbox or to see the new friend requests they got, The problem is that most of the those people return back feeling bad after they visit that site because they don’t usually find anything that they wished to find
  • Doing other things in between: Some people stop working for 10 minutes to drink coffee, then stop for another 10 minutes to search for their pens then stop for another 10 minutes to think about something and in the end they may work for 15 minutes then stop again because of some noise that is distracting them. Those who keep doing small useless tasks within the bigger tasks are time wasting champions.
  • Answering your mobile phone: If people keep calling you over and over then you should have certain times where you answer your phone and you should never do it while working. Phone calls are random, non controllable and attention destroyers so make sure you avoid them while working
  • Not being practical: I know people who wont start working before they find their special blue pen or their fancy rubber. Some people keep searching for a good place to sit at for hours, they keep driving their cars from one place to the other in order to find a good spot where they can work, those people are also professional time wasters. What will be the difference if you used your pen or the pen of someone else? what will be the problem if you sat in a place that doesn't have your favorite orange juice for the sake of not wasting your time? The less practical you become the more time you will waste and the less productive you will become.

How to overcome procrastination

Efficiency is the ratio of your productive time to your unproductive time. Some people stay on their desk for 8 hours but their efficiency is only 25%, this means that they only work for 2 hours and waste the other 6 hours professionally.

Time management is not something that you can afford to ignore because it can change your life. If I didn’t value efficiency, time management and productivity I wouldn’t have succeeded in making a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 18 months. This could have taken other people years not because I am better than them but because I don’t know how to waste time and I don’t want to learn this skill.

The question you should ask yourself is, How efficient am I? When you answer that question you will have a clear picture of your procrastination habits. Overcoming procrastination is not hard at all, you just need to pay attention to the small habits that steal from you few minutes every now and then.

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