How to Achieve your Goals (Using timeline therapy)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What happens when you fail to achieve your goals

It feels really bad when you open your drawer and find lots of papers that carry your old unmet goals that you forgot about it.

Unmet goals are among the common causes for depression especially if the goal was important. One of the main reasons unmet goals can lead to depression is that each new goal that you fail to achieve programs your mind to believe that you are helpless.

Learned helplessness is that state used to describe a person who learned how to become helpless as a result of failing to reach some of his important goals.

That's why its extremely important to revive your old goals and to work on achieving your current ones. Just as your subconscious mind was negatively programmed with helplessness it can also be programmed in a positive way and that's exactly what i am going to tell you in this article.

Why do people Fail to Achieve their Goals?

If you discovered now that you have failed to achieve some of your goals then most probably you have already lost hope because if you still had some hope you wouldn’t have said that you failed to achieve your goal but instead you would have said that you didn’t succeed yet.

What i am trying to say is that people fail to achieve their goals when they lose hope not when they actually fail.

For instance when Edison failed 999 times in inventing the lamp he didn’t say after any attempt that he failed but instead he used to say that he found another incorrect way to invent the lamp.

The quote "You only fail when you decide to stop trying" is 100 percent true. Since success is a matter of trail and error deciding not to try anymore is the same as admitting defeat.

I still remember the days when my partners started leaving 2knowmyself because it wasn't making more than 100 dollars/month, nowadays 2knowmyself makes thousands of dollars/month Had i lost hope and didn't continue i would have not been able to have such an outstanding source of income nor had i achieved my financial goals.

How to never lose hope in reaching your goals

According to time line therapy, if your goal was somehow implemented in your subconscious mind in such a way that you always found it in front of you while doing any action then you will always be motivated.

When the goal settles in your subconscious mind you will find that you are eager to achieve it and that you are really motivated.

The method we are going to use to install the goal into your subconscious mind is Timeline therapy. During the years I have studied personal development I have never came across something more powerful that can motivate someone to reach his goals than timeline therapy. In the next few lines i will tell you how to achieve your goals using time line therapy.

How to achieve your Goals Using time line Therapy

1- Close your eyes and imagine that you are flying over the present moment in a time line.
2- Fly along the time line until you reach your future at a point where are of your goals are already accomplished.
3- Imagine that you took a picture of your future self after he achieved his goals ( for example a picture of yourself living in your 5 million dollar house)
4- fly above this point and hold this picture in your arms while examining it carefully then leave the picture there and return back to the present
5- while returning back to the present see all the changes happening along your way that will help you to achieve your goals (waking up earlier, working more…etc)
6- land at the present and open your eyes

Congratulations, you have just installed the goal into your subconscious mind and you should find yourself more motivated to fight for it.

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