Time Management Skills

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you lack time management skills?

Do you think that you don't have enough time to do all the things that you want to do?
Do you think that the priorities in your life are incorrectly set?
Did you quit exercising the same day you started working?

If your answers were yes then it's obvious that you don't have enough time. The truth however is that there is plenty of time but you just don't know how to use it.

What is Time Management

Time management is the ability to organize your different activities in order to get them all done within a certain time frame.

Time management and goal setting are usually associated together because the people who need to manage their time the most are usually those who have goals.

Introduction to Time Management Skills

When people try to manage their time or set schedules they always face the same problems and the time table fails.

This experience resulted in letting most people lose faith in timed schedules. By understanding those problems you will able able to set up a time management plan that includes solutions to them and so you will be able to manage your time in a better way.

  • Not being in the mood to do a certain task right now: If you have to run for fifteen minutes now and you simply don't feel like running then most probably you will have some kind of inner conflict and your schedule will fail.
  • Unexpected events: An unexpected event such as illness will ruin your schedule.If you were planning to study tomorrow but suddenly become sick then your schedule wont work too
  • Over stuffing: Planning an overambitious schedule will result in not having enough time to do everything that you wanted to do on the same day. This is always the case with type A personalities.

Time Management Plan

The previous reasons explained why most time management plans fail. Below is a complete plan that will help you to overcome all of these problems:

  • Divide your day into a number of zones: Dividing your day into 3 zones, one from 9 to 4, the second from 4 to 10 and the third from 10 to 12 (just an example). You can divide your day into any number of zones and calculate how many zones you have per week based on this division. Next bring your list of goals and decide how many zones a week each activity should take. For example, studying may be assigned seven zones per week, running three zones per week ....etc. But what's the point of using zones? Using the concept of zones has the great advantage of overcoming the problem of not being in the mood to do a certain activity. For example, on finding that you don't feel like studying, you can simply move the studying zone to another day and do something else instead that can be done now without impacting the total number of zones allocated to each task.
  • Free zones:You should also have a number of free zones so that when you face an unexpected event that takes up one of your assigned zones, you just move the scheduled activity to one of the free zones and avoid ruining your schedule. For example, if you woke up late, wasting one zone then you could assign this zone to one of the free ones instead of impacting your plan.
  • Have long term plans: The more you plan for the short term the less accurate will your plan be. Planning what to do in the next two hours could be a total failure because something as simple as a phone call or an unexpected visit can blow your plans away. The preferred time span used in time management is usually one week.
  • More flexibility: Using the concept of zones also help you overcome the problem of not having enough time in a single day since planning on a weekly basis provides much more flexibility and control over time than planning on a daily basis. Imagine that you planned to study in the next two hours and suddenly had an unexpected visitor. What will you do?? Zones can help you solve this problem
  • Set priorities: In addition to all the previous guidelines you should determine the priority of each of your activities. Studying, hanging out and exercising should each be given a priority and in case of a conflict between one or more activities happen the one with the least priority should be dropped. Priorities are not constant however and could be changed at a later time according to your long term plans

Time Management and Living Longer

You can actually end up living longer than others through correct management of your time, simply because loosing few hours a day means losing one complete year each few years!!

by correctly managing your time you wont only outperform your peers but you will also end up living longer!!

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