How to reach a goal

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to reach a goal

How to reach a goal?
I am sure you found tons of articles giving the same advice about goal setting such as set realistic goals, make your goals measurable and set dead lines.

While these advice are useful still they are too far from being sufficient and they will never help you reach a goal on their own.

There are lots of other factors that are much deeper and that might be responsible for your failed attempts to reach your goals.

In this article i wont tell how you to set smart goals because you already know that but i will tell you how to really reach a goal.

The reason you didn't reach your goals

When trying to reach a goal we all do the same mistake of trying what has worked in the past and avoiding what we failed at earlier. As a result of this strategy we lose creativity, we become attached to a single method for doing things and that's why we find ourselves helpless when this method fails.

We play it safe and try the methods we already know because we fear to get out of our comfort zones or to take a big risk.

When we fail to reach our goals we quickly form a false belief about our skills, about that matter we failed at or about life itself.

We become strongly connected to the past, whenever we face a new problem we start to reach for our memories to find out whether we have a solution from our past experience or not and when we don't find the solution we just panic.

Want to reach your goals? Then ask yourself this one question

Why not?
Why not try an approach that you never tried before
Why not forget about the past failures and think about future possibilities?
Why not take a big risk?
Why not Escape from the mental prison of the past and think of other possibilities?

Why not think without constrains from the past?

Why not get rid of your false beliefs?
In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the reason people fail to reach their goals is not that they don't try hard but its because they form false beliefs that imprisons them and that prevents them from reaching their true potential.

Long ago when i used to work for a telecommunications company i was eager to earn more money but the mistake i did at that time was constraining my thinking by the variables that were currently available.

All what i was concerned about was improving my CV and getting a good raise or even getting promoted and that was the reason i was stuck with no real progress for 3 years.

The day i asked myself the question "Why not" was the day the big change happened
I said, why not have a business that brings me multiples of my salary?

Why not do something that i have never done before?
Why not develop a website that brings me money?

And shortly i became a dot com millionaire.
It all began with 2 words, why not?

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