How to set goals effectively

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to set goals effectively

How to set goals effectively?
I know you are already bored of traditional advice like set realistic goals, be very specific and set timely goals and that's why i am not going to mention them but instead i will tell you how to set goals effectively in such a way that enables you to live a happier life.

Lots of people set goals incorrectly then wonder why they aren't motivated to achieve them and why they aren't experiencing any satisfaction after setting them. In this article i will tell you how to set goals effectively so that they can have a great impact on your mood and life.

What prevents people from setting goals effectively?

When it comes to goal setting people does the big mistake of looking at their resources first then setting their goals based on these resources.

For example if someone wants to become rich he might first consider the amount of money he is currently earning per month then determine the amount of money he would like to have at the end of the year based on his monthly income!!!

The problem with this approach is it limits your potential by tying it to your current resources. After all if your goals were based on your current resources then you will never be able to grow beyond these resources.

In order to set goals effectively in such a case you should first determine the amount of money you would like to have with disregard to your monthly income then think of a method to increase your monthly income in order to reach your goal.

In short, in order to set goals effectively you must first set the goal then work on increasing your resources in order to reach your goal instead of setting a goal that matches your current resources.

Setting a goal in order to have a goal

This is one of the common mistakes that ruin the effectiveness of the goals you set.
Ever wondered why you sometimes set goals and never become motivated to achieve them?
This might be because you are doing the mistake of setting the goal just to have a goal and not because there is something that you really want to achieve.

This always happens with new year resolutions where people set goals just because they have to set goals on that day and not because they are really passionate about something.

If you want to set goals effectively then you must learn not to set any goals unless you really want to achieve something that is important to you.

Lack of flexibility prevents effective goals setting

Jack brigs, an imaginary friend, wanted to work at Dell as soon he graduates but he didn't manage to do so, as a result Jack felt really disappointed and thought that he failed.

When asking Jack about his wants and needs i understood that he wanted to work at Dell because its a multinational and because it will allow him to earn a high salary so my answer was "If your goal is to work at a great company then why are you limiting your options to dell??"

The mistake the guy did is that he wasn't flexible at all when setting his goal, he just focused on one company while forgetting that his goal is to work at any great company that pays well.

Effective goal setting requires that you set flexible goals while putting your final objective in your mind.

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