Writing smart goals

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Writing smart goals

Unmet goals can sometimes kill the people who set them. There are many famous people who committed suicide because of unmet life goals And although committing suicide is a very irrational response still it demonstrates the bad effect of unmet goals.

There is nothing in life worse than living for a goal then at the end of your life finding that it can’t be reached. The depression that could result from unmet goals is far beyond your imagination especially if achieving the goal was very important to you.

You may be wondering how you can achieve every single goal you ever wanted to without experiencing a failure. This could happen by setting goals correctly, want to know how? Then read further.


Most probably you already know that each letter of the word “SMART” represents a specific word, SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Let’s examine each one closely:

  • Specific : A goal should be specific and not vague. An example of a vague goal is something like “I want to become good at using computers”. What do you mean by the word good? Do you want to learn a programming language or do you want to learn networking? What does this “good” mean?
  • MeasurableIf your goals were not specific then most likely they wont be measurable. In order for a goal to become measurable you must have some kind of indicator that you can use to track your achievements. For example if your goal was, taking four computer courses covering networking this summer then it’s a measurable goal.
  • Achievable: Your goal should not be very easy to achieve in order not to think that you are fooling yourself nor it should be very difficult so that you fail to achieve it. The goal should be challenging enough to let you use most of your resources to reach it yet it shouldn’t be an impossible goal.
  • Realistic: I was amazed when I knew that one of the popular search keywords in search engines was “how to become rich overnight”. Certainly everyone who has the get rich quick mentality will face lots of disappointments in his life. The goal should be realistic, and what’s meant by realistic is that it should be something that can be done by a normal human being.
  • Timely: Unless you set deadlines for your goals you will never become motivated to start working on them. Setting the deadline is the signal that your subconscious mind needs in order to start cooperating with you towards reaching your goals.

I still remember the days when one of my goals was making 2knowmyself.com generate 1000$ dollar/month, with 2knowmyself.com generating thousands of dollars/month these days i realized that setting smart goals only leads to beating your targets.

Final words on goal setting

If you don’t set goals then life will set the rules for you. People who set goals will keep advancing while you will be standing still watching them as they go higher and higher.

Setting goals can give your life a meaning if you feel that its meaningless and one of your big goals could one day become your life purpose.

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