Why is goal setting important

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why is goal setting important

A friend of mine has just found a good job that suites her but i don't feel happy for her at all.

Had this been her first or second job i would have felt happy but the problem is that its her 20th job in 3 years!!!

Lots of people keep changing their careers and moving from one job to another without finding the right place they fit in. Do you know why those people do so?

Its because they don't have a long term plan and that's why they follow their momentary desires and base their actions upon them. In this article i will tell you why is goal setting is very important.

Goal settings prevents you from getting lost

Most people focus on their momentary desires and emotions, They eat when they want to eat even if that would make them gain weight. They have fun when they want to have fun even if that would prevent them from doing well in their careers or exams and they keep taking momentary decisions even if that would ruin their lives.

People who don't set goals or who follow their momentary desires are just like little children who keep playing with a certain toy then suddenly realize that they wanted to do something else or that a different toy would make them happier.

Those who set goals on the other hand find it easy to sacrifice some of the short term desires for the sake of long term ones.

They manage to bear some emotional pain so that they gain bigger rewards in the near future

they manage to sacrifice some of the momentary desires for the sake of long lasting satisfaction and they hardly get lost in life.

If you don't plan then you will be a part of the plans of others

If you don't plan to get a good job then someone else would be planning to bypass you and get it.

If you don't set goals for your life then someone else might use you to achieve his own goals!! if you don't plan to be rich then someone else would plan to take your money by selling you his products!!

Goal setting is not only about finding meaning to life or making your life worthy but its about having something that guides you throughout your life and that prevents you from wasting your life in the wrong directions.

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