Why cant i stop eating?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why cant I stop eating

Previously I used to think that people smoke because they love cigarettes or that they eat a lot because they love food but as I learned more about psychology I discovered that behind most of our bad habits are unresolved psychological issues that must be dealt with in order for the habit to disappear. (see Breaking bad habits).

Yes you might have some love for food but if you tried to examine the real reasons behind binge eating you will end up with shocking facts. Most probably you will find that you don’t eat because you like food but rather because you need food to fix something else.

Why can’t we break bad habits?

Some people overeat when they feel stressed, others do it when they feel down and a third group run to food when they are anxious.

Some people try to unconsciously regain the sense of control they lost in life by exerting control over something else like the food they eat!!

Some people over eat because of loss of hope that make them become indifferent to the amount of food they eat.
Some people eat to regulate their moods while others do it to escape from life problems!!

Diet will never work in such cases because unless you deal with the root cause the problem will return back again. Learning how to cope with life problems without being dependent on external factors is they key to breaking most bad habits.

In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss I said how people spend a considerable amount of time trying to control their food intake instead of focusing on the real factors that results in this abnormal consumption of food. That's why they never manage to lose weight!

Bad habits and your coping strategies

Bad habits are usually an indication that there is a problem with your coping strategies. This problem made you dependent on external pain killers in order to feel good about yourself.

Bad habits can be an indication that your skills, abilities and powers are not enough to face the life pressure that you are subjected to. That’s why diet will never work for you. The problem is not related to food or cigarettes but to your ability to face life and to feel good without needing a pain killer.

Eating leads to more eating

Studies have shown that the pleasure you get from eating gets reduced when you keep doing the over eating habit for sometime.

Because the same amount of food starts to bring less pleasure people start to consume even more food in order to reach satisfaction.

This works similar to drug addiction. The more you binge the less will your brain respond to food and the more food you will need to balance your brain chemicals.

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