Breaking bad and unwanted habits

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can’t Break the Habit?

Are you fed up of failing to break your bad habits?
Did you read the Ultimate Guide for breaking Habits But still didn’t manage to break your bad Habit?
did you succeed in breaking your bad habit for a few days or weeks then eventually returned back to it?

Lots of people keep fighting bad habits for prolonged periods without succeeding in breaking them. They sometimes manage to break the bad habit for few days, weeks or even months but in the end they return back to them again. The question is, why does this happen??

Its because those people never tackle the root of the problem behind their bad habit!!

Sam Can’t Break His Smoking Habit

Sam is a heavy smoker since more than 10 years. He tried many times to stop smoking and he even succeeded in breaking this habit for six months but he didn’t manage to continue to the end and he returned back to smoking.

Sam wasn’t a social person. whenever he had to sit with a group of people that he doesn't know well he felt irritated and uncomfortable. when he finds himself that irritated he usually grabs out one of the cigarettes and starts smoking.

When understanding Sam's mind you won't wonder why he can't quit smoking.
The root cause behind his smoking habit is feeling uneasy while being with strangers. Its his poor social skills that are responsible for his smoking habit.

Many people like Sam smoke when they feel uncomfortable, uneasy or irritated while believing that they suffer from nicotine addiction and that's why they fail to quit smoking!

Sarah Can’t Break the Habit of Overeating

Sarah’s story is no different than Sam’s story. She has been struggling with the habit of over eating without being able to stop it. Sarah managed to break the habit for sometime but eventually returned back to it.

Sarah Had almost no friends so her main hobby was watching television and of course her favorite show wont be that amusing unless it's accompanied by delicious food.

Although Sara adored food still this wasn’t the main reason behind overeating but the main reason was not finding someone to hang out with!!

In my book The ultimate guide to breaking bad habits i explained how people keep trying to break certain habits for years without succeeding as a result of not being able to spot the root causes behind them. Sarah and Sam were two examples of those people.

Find the Root Cause for Your Unwanted Habit

Just as you saw in the previous stories things that might appear unrelated to your bad habit might in fact be the main reason behind it!! Whether it was feeling anxious while being with strangers like Sam or whether it was having no friends like Sarah this root cause is what you should seek in order to be able to quit your bad habit.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that addiction or having no strong will is the reason that is hindering you from breaking the habit. If one of these reasons was behind your bad habit then you wouldn't have been able to stop it even for one week!! In short, If you managed to break a habit for a short while then returned back to it again then know that you didn’t tackle the root cause (see Will power misuse).

Find this root cause, eliminate it and you will be free from your bad habit, wish you good luck :)

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