Social Networking Websites and Facebook Addiction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Facebook Addiction Disorder

Before I start talking about Facebook addiction disorder, I must first express my admiration to the 22 year-old genius who created facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Mark and his crew managed to develop a website that has become a part of the daily life of almost everyone who is interested in social relations. As a consequence, their traffic ranking is now among the top 10 websites on the internet.

What I've noticed is that some people went up from the normal and sane use of facebook to become addicts. They delay their work and studies in order to remain online. They keep checking their accounts every few minutes and can hardly log out.

Terms such as internet addiction disorder, facebook addiction disorder and social networking sites addiction started to become popular because of the presence of people who overuse these sites.

If you are a Facebook addict or if you are addictive to any social networking website then you may want to read the following article because it will reveal to you facts that you weren't aware of about yourself:

Social networking websites addiction

The following are the top causes for social networking websites addiction. Remember, I'm not talking about people who just use these websites normally because they like it but I am talking about people who got addicted to them.

  • Unfulfilled Social Needs and social networks addiction: Try not to eat or drink for 10 continuous hours then at the eleventh hour start to study or excise. Most probably you will find yourself unable to do anything unless you eat and drink. Do you know why? Because you're in an extreme need of food and water. You have an unmet need for both food and water.
    The same goes for social relations. Not being satisfied with your current social relations, being in an extreme need of a partner or being eager to expand your relations are examples of unmet social needs. You got addicted to social networking websites because of those unmet social needs. Remember that behind any overuse of something there is an unmet need. Unfulfilled social needs are also one of the main reasons that make people suffer after breakups, in my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how can problems in your social life become a key factor in preventing you from recovering after a breakup. This happens because you become dependent on the relationship to satisfy the needs that are not yet met.
  • Social networks addiction and social approval: some people don’t know how to live without being approved or loved by others. They feel down whenever they are alone and they feel horrible when someone rejects them! This is an example of being externally dependent on someone or some people in order to survive. The real cause of this dependency is that you are not satisfied with your current mood or with your life and so you need other people to be around you to make you forget about your unsolved problems. (read more about external dependency here)
  • Escapement and social networking addiction: one of the main reasons people consume drugs is that they want to escape from their problems. Because of believing that they won't be able to face them they decided to escape using drugs. The same can be said about social networking websites. Some people prefer to hide in one of those websites in order to avoid facing real life challenges.
  • Having nothing else to do: some people may think that this is not a problem, but actually this is a disaster!!! If you don’t have anything to do now other than browsing a social networking website then what were you doing before that website came into existence? Nothing? Then unfortunately you have no goals ,dreams or even a life purpose!!

Social networking websites addiction treatment

If any or all of the above criteria fits you then instead of escaping to a social networking website you should start to find the root cause for your problems. You must find out why some of your social needs are not fulfilled and then work on solving this problem. You also need to know why you are escaping and why you don't have the courage to face your problems.

I am not asking you to stop using these websites. I'm just asking you to stop running away. Use these social networking websites as much as you want but take action and start solving the problems that lead you to such an addiction.

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