love and relationship addiction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

love and relationship addiction

love addiction is the case where you can't live without having nurturing partner or without having someone in your life who loves you. love addiction is the case where you become totally unable to function alone,where you always feel bored or always feel bad until someone appears and fills your life with joy.

Although love addiction is classified as the safest addiction ,still it can destroy your life.

love addiction and lack of self confidence

Sometimes the main reason for love addiction is lack of self confidence. In such a case you may just need someone to approve you, someone to reassure you that you are a good person or someone to help you compensate for your lack of self confidence.

People who are love addicts because they lack confidence think of it that way: “if someone loved me, then I am not worthless, then I am a worthy person”, and so they depend on external factors to feel confident rather than depending on their inner feelings of self worth.

Love Addiction and Break-ups

One of the strong reasons behind break-ups is love addiction, because when you fall in love with someone just because you need him you may feel like breaking up with him as soon as this need disappears, and since this need is developed from temporary down times that we experience the chance of breaking up in the near future becomes much higher. ( see this article for more details on that topic)

love addiction and recovery

love addiction can generally be caused by other problems in your life. For example, if you have some kind of emotional problem that you can't solve or that you are escaping from then you might develop love addiction.

Of course no escapement method will be as beautiful as escaping to love, you just need to escape to the mood of love where these bad emotions won't be felt at all. One of the simple rules of emotions is that you can only experience one emotion at a time, so by experiencing love you will forget about the other bad emotions or at least bury them for a while.

Because the subconscious mind can't be fooled those bad moods will still visit you in the form of unknown bad mood attacks or even in your dreams in the form of nightmares.

how to overcome love addiction?

the solution to this problem may not be that hard, you just need to find out why do you feel down when you are alone. If the reason was unsolved problems then at least start to take actions or if the reason was lack of self confidence then start to build your confidence. Whatever the cause is just find it then try to take action towards removing it rather than escaping to a temporary addiction that will solve nothing.

The habit of love addiction will only accumulate the problems then you will have to face the bigger pile of problems later on.

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