Self confidence comes from within

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do you lack confidence

How did it feel the last time you were criticized?
How did it feel the last time your manager told you that your performance was below acceptable standards?
How did it feel the last time you have done something then you were told that it was not that good?

Probably you felt bad But do you know why did you feel so?
Because your self confidence is dependent on external factors rather than internal ones.

Self confidence comes from within

Many people out there think that they are what they do or that they are what they have. Based on that way of thinking those people believe that if they did something wrong then they become worthless.

Those people feel confident as long as they are loved and appreciated but as soon as they fall out of favor, even if it wasn't their mistake, they lose their self confidence.

A friend of mine did some writing work and upon finishing it everyone told him that his writing was awful. My friend felt worthless, down and remained depressed for a few days.

Do you know why did he feel so? Because he thought that if his writing was bad then this means that he is bad too.

This always happens to people who have similar thinking patterns. If you believe that you are what you do then certainly you are going to lose self confidence as soon as people stop appreciating you.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how people value themselves according to what they have. Those people gain their confidence from their profession, car, money and fame and that's why as soon as they face the slightest threat they lose their self confidence.

Why self confidence comes and goes

Know that life moves in cycles and whatever goes up must come down, the hundreds of friends you currently have now might disappear one day. The fame and glory you have now may be forgotten by people and the money you have collected might be lost in the next financial crisis.

If you kept depending on external factors to feel worthy then you will have a yo-yo self confidence that will keep coming and going according to the circumstances.

Its still not late to fix your way of thinking. Learn how to feel confident because of who you are not and not because of something that you posses and your self confidence will be pretty stable even when you face big problems.

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