Dealing with depression without drugs or medications

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dealing with depression without drugs or medications

Depression is a tough emotion that makes the person feel down, empty, totally hopeless and indifferent.

Contrary to your current beliefs your depression has an end and this end may be sooner than you expect. Under the effect of depression people start to have a negative attitude towards life and to develop a negative outlook that makes them think that their problems are not going to be solved.

The first step you should take to deal with depression is to understand that your negative outlook is exaggerated and that you can get out of this mood if you followed the right advice.

The common types of depression are:

  • Major Depressive Disorder: Where you experience the previously mentioned symptoms
  • bipolar Depression: Where you experience extreme mood swings. At some times you feel really happy and in other times you feel depressed
  • Post-partum depression (depression that follows childbirth)
  • Winter Depression Or winter blues
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD: Feeling bad during certain seasons of the year

How to deal with depression without medication

The most popular definition of depression is "A disturbance in the production of brain chemicals. This disturbance is caused by a combination of genetic tendencies and environmental factors

Depression can also be the result of a Prolonged Physiological stress or major physical changes in the body (for example, due to a disease)"

While these definitions are scientifically true still they are only helpful to the depression medication companies who manufacture drugs that can stabilize the brain's chemicals.

If you have a glass of water that has a hole at the bottom which allows water to escape. Does it make any sense to put the glass of water under an open tap in order to stabilize the water inside it?

The same goes for depression, working on treating the symptom which is the chemical imbalance will lead you no where unless you target the root cause.

What to do when you are depressed

The first thing you need to do to deal with depression without drugs is to examine what happened in your life in the past period.

Certainly there was a time where you weren't feeling depressed. What are the external events that happened that forced your mood to change from a state of happiness to a state of depression?

Answering this question is crucial because each person becomes depressed because of a different reason. For example a person who always wanted to be rich will certainly become depressed if he was fired or if he didn't manage to find a job for a long period of time.

Depression and Genes

It was found that the tendency to become depressed is inherited however this doesn't mean that you get depressed because of your genes.

While you can inherit a tendency for depression still you can never get depressed if your developed proper coping strategies. If Two people who have the same exact genes faced the same problem then one of them might get depressed and the other might not if their coping strategies are different. (see How to understand depression and deal with it)

Depressed for no reason!!

Some people say that they are depressed for no reason and that they woke up feeling depressed while in fact in most of these cases the reason is hidden somewhere in the unconscious mind of the person.

Some people have learned to ignore their problems or the the signals their mind sends them and that's why they suddenly find themselves depressed.

As you saw in the definition depression can result from prolonged stress. People who ignore the excessive stress they get subjected to in their daily lives most probably end up feeling depressed then claim that they became depressed for no reason.

If you suppress your emotions, escape from your problems instead of facing them or keep yourself busy whenever your life goes wrong then certainly you are at a risk of depression.

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