Treating Depression (Dealing with Depression)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Treating Depression (Dealing with Depression)

Depression medications can help you feel better for a while but they are not a permanent solution to the depression problem. I am not against using medications to treat depression but i am certainly against using it on its own without using other methods.

There are many things that you can do to feel much better and to end your depression. In this article i will tell you about some of these depression treatment methods.

Depression treatment methods

  • Exercising and depression: The first thing you can do to ease your depression is to exercise. It has been proven that exercising provides a very good mood lift when done regularly because of the release of endorphins. When you run or exercise while you're depressed the release of the endorphins acts like a pain killer that reduces the pain associated with depression. Endorphins have a similar structure to morphine. Both chemicals control your response to stress, regulate contractions of the intestinal wall and affect your mood. The greatest challenge you will face is the feeling of lack of energy you get while you are depressed.
  • Depression and lack of self worth: Depression in many cases may be associated with feelings of worthlessness and that's why building self esteem can be of great help in treating depression especially if one of the external factors that has caused the depression was loneliness or rejection.
  • Depression and suppressed emotions: Depression is sometimes caused by suppressed emotions. Don't suppress your emotions any more, if you want to treat your depression then cry, scream or shout but don't suppress your emotions. A research has proven that suppressed emotions can leak out and affect your internal organs!!Contrary to common beliefs crying is very healthy because of the chemicals it produces that helps the person feel much better.
  • Depression and stress: Depression can sometimes be the result of prolonged periods of stress. If the nature of your work forces you to be under stress for long periods of time then you must learn more about stress management.
  • Laughing and depression: Laugh!! Laughing is healthy and it produces endorphins too. Even if you don't feel like laughing just do it and This will help you feel better
  • Depression and sunlight Make sure you get enough sunlight. Sunlight stimulates your body to produce serotonin; Serotonin is the hormone responsible for making you feel happy!! People who don't have enough serotonin in their bodies may feel down for no apparent reason. Getting a daily 30 minute walk in the sun can provide you with a very good mood boost
  • Depression and hope: Usually when you are depressed everything seems dark. It seems to you that there is no way out, that there are no solution to any of your current problems and you may even expect new problems to happen. If you can do anything to bring back hope then your depression will certainly ease
  • False beliefs and depression: Sometimes, the reason behind your depression is a false belief that you have learned somewhere. An example of a false belief would be thinking that you can't solve your life problems or that you can never succeed. If this is your case then you are lucky because as soon as you get rid of the false belief your depression will fade away.
  • Depression and external factors: Depression can happen because of a tough external life event like the loss of a beloved one, unmet goals or expectations, feeling lonely or being rejected. Any of the previously mentioned methods can help you feel better but only on the short term. In order to be able to treat depression permanently you must deal with its root cause
  • Depression and body image: Sometimes people get depressed because they're not satisfied with their current weight or body image. Following a proper diet can help you ease these emotions and eventually help you treat your depression (check this guide in order to know how to fix this weight problem)
  • Unmet goals and depression: Depression can happen because of unmet goals. If you are an ambitious person who's missed his goals then make sure you read the Guide to Depression and Unmet Goals
  • Depression and emotional support: Studies found that people who have a good social support system recover faster from depression. In other words, having a loving family or being surrounded by true friends can help you get over depression. Another study have found that married men suffer less from depression and get over it much faster than single men
  • Depression and faith: Many people want you to believe that faith has nothing to do with depression just to support their personal beliefs about God's existence however studies found that suicide rates are highest among the people who don't believe in God. Ending depression is all about believing that there is a way out and because faith can help people be optimistic its one of the things that can help you get over depression

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