Dont leave yourself like that!!!

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why is he escaping?

John is a 20 year old guy. One day while he was playing soccer with his friends he fell and his hand was broken. His friends then carried him to his home and went away. The pain was too much to be tolerated, each time he had to move his hand he felt great pain, but still, he never took the decision to go to the doctor.

He just tried to kill time in order to forget about the pain. Sometimes he slept in order to let time pass and in other times he took drugs to become unconscious.

Days passed, everything was still the same, john was still in his bed, his pain was still the same, but yet, he did nothing to cure his hand.

That guy was pretty weird right? How come he didn't want to heal himself? Why didn’t he help himself? Don’t wonder…… you may be a john too!!

are you happy?

Just ask yourself few simple questions. Are you satisfied with your life? Don’t you think that you need to improve any aspect of your life like your social relations, career, personality or what so ever?

If you were asked whether you are a happy person or not, what will your reply be?

If you are not at least eighty percent satisfied with your life then why are you staying like that?

Why are you always escaping to sleeping, watching television and drugs?
Why are you trying to be another john?

nothing will change unless you take actions

Know that your life will never change until you make a change. Know that unless you take steps to help yourself your problems will only increase. Know that escaping will only delay the problems and accumulate them then you will have to deal with a bigger pile of problems later on.

I am not asking you to fix everything now but i am just asking you to take actions
If you suffer from excess weight then how come you didn’t start a diet yet?
If you don’t like your form then how come you didn’t start exercising yet?
If you don’t like your financial position then how come you didn’t start to improve it yet?
If you feel you are lost then how come you didn’t start to seek your way yet?
If you don’t like your personality then how come you didn’t start changing it yet?

final words

Don’t leave your hand broken just like john did then hope that an angel will come and fix it. Don’t wait for changes to happen but instead initiate them.

Don’t blame life!!! Instead of cursing the darkness you can light a candle, you can change your life if you decided to, it’s only the decision that is needed.

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